NWR The "What are we listening to?" Thread

With all the recent press stuff commemorating the 50 years since Carole King’s Tapestry I am giving it a whirl, having not really played it in complete format since my youth club vinyl days.
Lovely album and reminds me of innocent times.
But she really is not much of a singer, “Beautiful” is a particularly poor vocal.
Not as bad as Sandie Shaw mind who keeps popping up on Tony Blackburn’s shows.
As with everything from this period it only reveals its full glory in the eight-track cartridge format. All other music reproduction systems are second best, though possibly a little more practical.
Wandering the streets of Barnes yesterday past the small record shop related to the Olympic Studios/Cinema and there in the window display staring me in the face was an eight track cartridge sitting half in and half out of an eight track cartridge machine. Haven’t seen one for at least forty years. So long ago I couldn’t even recall the name of the format.