NWR The "What are we listening to?" Thread

The occasional satirist and air traffic controller Geoff Stephens, who sadly died recently, penned a musical tribute not only to a busy roundabout on the A21 ('Green Street Green') but also to my favourite ecclesiastical building in the south of England, here performed by a Catholic boy from Hoboken

Two Monday purchases on rotation, both exceptional:

Vikingur Olafsson - Mozart & Contemporaries
Little Simz - Sometimes I might be Extrovert

Both contenders for album of the year in their respective genres.
Ahead of my first gig (open air) in two years tomorrow I am mainly listening to Biffy Clyro and supporting cast. Quite exited would be an understatement. In true Glasgow style we have a yellow weather warning for thunderstorms!
Not sure if there are any other Stranglers fans out there, but they have just announced the release date of their latest (and possibly last? - my conjecture) studio album, Dark Matters. It is available now for pre-order and, as seems to be the trend these days, there is a choice of bundles available consisting of various combinations of 180g black vinyl album; 180g red/black smoke vinyl album; CD album; cassette album; Dave Greenfield Tribute CD; T-shirt. Sadly the 25 copies of a signed, white label, test pressing on black vinyl are sold out.
Anticipated release date is 10th September.

Just arrived today so will be gracing the turntable at the few opportunities I get.

The Stranglers Dark Matters Web.jpg
The new Public Service Broadcasting album. A bit if a departure from their previous offerings. Very much in the mould of David Bowie’s Low, with some Vangelis influence (acknowledged).

Whilst on holiday last week I had a tip off about a pop us record shop. Found a few decent, very cheap buys, and one real oddity!

Obviously been listening to the album and now loaded it into the car as well, but have rather enjoyed watching, and listening, to the main 'single'. Must admit it took a couple of runs before I realised who the man in the suit, miming to the song was ;) He's a well known Stranglers fan too.
E. J. Moeran's violin concerto. Just listened to the Campoli and Albert Sammons recordings back-to-back - 1946/1954, both BBCSO, both Adrian Boult - they sound like two entirely different works by two different composers! And both excellent, although I prefer Campoli's fire to Sammons' noble restraint.
It's almost like I'm going through a second puberty but I'm into Mahler again. Is this even allowed? First an embarrassing Bruckner-phase and now Mahler? What next? Zemlinsky? Why am I doing these late romantic composers after a couple decades of Renaissance and Baroque'n'roll? So it's been a mix of historical recordings from Charles Adler and Bruno Walter who studied/worked under Mahler and modern recordings from Rattle. So yeah, Mahler is pretty great.