NWR The "What are we listening to?" Thread

Going thru my entire music collection from Z to A. Started the R's started and after S Club 7, the Ruts and a few others it was time for 2 hours of Runrig Live. Volume turned up, highlights of Scotland V Denmark on YouTube and much singing. Once in a Lifetime really is a great live Album with Skye even eclipsing the over the top version of Loch Lomond. The ballads are just good as the upbeat songs and it really does take me back to seeing them "by yon bonnie banks, by yon bonnie breas". Run DMC does seem like a bit of an anti-climax as a follow on.
I don't usually watch rock concerts films at home but I made an exception for 'Bruce Springsteen - The 1979 No Nukes Concert' and I am glad that I did. It is arresting from the first minute and doesn't let go. What a band and what energy. This is a rock band at their peak. I recommend watching from beginning to end (available on Amazon Prime, YouTube and others). Here are some clips;

Today, my wife (Jess Chalker) releases her debut album, 'Hemispheres' so have been giving this a few spins. It's been a tough and incredible journey including stints in LA, Australia, UK; a Grammy win for songwriting; a half in/half out career in corporate comms. Lockdown was the catalyst to get this body of work finished and out in to the world. Today is a big day for celebrations.

Check it out @ www.jesschalker.com

Think Kate Bush, Feist, Haim. Get it in your ears :)

Nice! Any plans for live gigs in London?
Several young Chinese pianists obtained international career; among them, one maybe lost his interest and turned to pop TV shows, before got into a Hugh Grant style scandal back home; another one now hold all sorts of masterclass in China, speaking and acting with terrible pretentiousness as if he is the greatest Chinese musician in recent time.
In the contrast, after a long period of low live concert events, Yuja Wang came back with even sharper technique and more importantly, great passion, brilliantly played this monster piece:

Recently started listening to Sam Fender. Being an increasingly old fogey, I had completely missed his emergence. Really, really impressed and very highly recommend. The Whitley Bay Bruce Springstein!
The Alan Hull (Lindisfarne) documentary on BBC4 last week was excellent so am exploring more of his/their back catalogue.
Lindisfairne were a breath of fresh air when they became popular in 1970. I must have seen them 5 or 6 times and they were great live.. I have a bunch of their tracks on one of my Spotify lists and am delighted when they pop up. The band were also responsible for introducing many of us in the south to the benefits of Newcastle Brown Ale.
Isolated vocals from Dark Side's The Great Gig by Clare Torry;
And probably the most iconic backing vocal:
I was lucky enough to be about 10 feet from mick jagger and florence welch at the 02 nearly 10 years ago when they sang gimme shelter. We couod hear both their voices directly rather than through the sound system. She absolutely nailed it and blew jagger off the stage. The best live singing I’ve ever heard. A genuine hairs on the back of one’s neck moment!

this youtube video doesn't do it justice!