NWR The "What are we listening to?" Thread

Been hopelessly in love with Potruguese music for the last year or two, like this village feast thing here. (Portugal seems to be enjoying a golden age, and Miguel Araújo is a brilliant songwriter, musician and singer. If re-lockdown (or whatever it was) hadn't happened in January, I might have jumped on a plane to Lisbon for a concert or two.)
Triggered by my teenage daughter playing Running up That Hill and Wuthering Heights a lot in the car, I've been going back to some Kate Bush stuff that I thought were lesser works at the time. The Director's Cut, an album of reworkings of The Sensual World and Red Shoes is rewarding and perhaps shows the songs better than the original ones which suffered from a bit too much 1990s sound layering.

After nearly two decades concentrating on early and modern music, I've been exploring the romantic era slightly again. Since today is Grieg's 179th birthday, I listened to Dinu Lipatti's recording of his piano concerto. I often love Lipatti's playing and I think his is a very good Grieg concerto:

Back in the day when you could only afford to buy an LP now and again I remember this from one of the first albums my sister bought and it still stands out as a favourite.
My vinyl obsession has seen me buy rather a lot of albums since I last posted here, plus a few on cd, so way too many to write about. I will say that since my pre-Covid life I have discovered how ignorant I was about music. One of my finest discoveries has been bassist Stanley Clarke. Another has been the jazz/classical pianist, Hiromi.

My daughter and son-in-law bought me Physical Grafitti on vinyl for Father's Day. I must say, it is magnificent in that format (only previously owning it on a CD purchased in a second hand shop in Melrose for a quid).

Don't know whether there will be anything good on at Glasto but I shall try to tune in over the weekend.
Many cherished Glastonbury moments over the half century but a piccolo favourite is this. (Mani at around a minute in and passim: “Hmm, perhaps I shouldn’t have ingested psychedelic substances before attempting to operate a bass guitar on stage.”)

Pet Shop Boys @ Glastonbury tonight. Everything you could ask for from a live music performance. Exhilarating!
Closed out a very strong weekend - though I wondered what they had done with Chris Lowe at the start. it has been an all you can eat buffet of good music - Fontaines DC were superb and Elbow did very thing expected of them with the refugee choir joining them at the end. The two secret sets from a George Ezra and Jack White also really enjoyable.

A bonus was Peat & Diesel on the Avalon stage - one of the crew live-streamed it on their Facebook account - apparently Greta Thunberg was jigging to their Bimble Inn set on the Saturday night - maybe she was expecting a fossil fuel protest?
I missed virtually all of Glastonbury but will catch up on a lot over the next few weeks.

The only act whose entire set I have caught so far is Khruangbin:

The sound wasn't as good as it was in Cardiff for the 6music festival and I really must get to see them soon. They're just 3 really good musicians nicking stuff from all over the place, but with a sound that is distinctly their own

I did catch some of Diana Ross in passing and her stage presence is still brilliant, but her voice was painful to hear at times