Thoughts on St Jo at TWS?

Despite tremendously enjoying good Northern Rhone with friends and at tastings, I never seem to have bought any, other than a few odd bottles of Jaboulet, Ogier, Colombo...

I keep reading good things about St Joseph so thought I'd buy a mixed case from TWS. I'd really appreciate any thoughts on the wines below - I'm interested in elegance rather than power, happy to lay down or drink soon.

Thank you!

Saint-Joseph Silice, Domaine Coursodon 2011
Saint-Joseph Offerus, Jean-Louis Chave Sélection 2012
Saint-Joseph, Nicolas Perrin 2011
Saint-Joseph Paradis, Ferraton 2011
Saint-Joseph, Clos de Cuminaille, Domaine Gaillard 2013
Saint-Joseph, Domaine Bernard Faurie, 2011
Saint-Joseph, Domaine Bernard Gripa, 2011
Saint-Joseph Les Reflets, Domaine Villard, 2011
Those are all decent wines John, as you'd expect from TWS. They'd all be better for a few years more in bottle, but if you had more than one of the 2011s you could broach one now to drink on its fruit. It might be worth trying a white or two as well, which you can (and in most cases should) drink young.

I have had the 2011 Coursodon and frankly I was disappointed. From memory - a bit flat and ordinary. But maybe that's just me or perhaps a few more years in the cellar, but I don't think it keeps too long.
I often find myself ordering white St. Joseph in restaurants, and nearly always enjoy it.

I'm a white St Jo fan, but whites from the Northern Rhone often kind of split the camp so to speak, love or hate.

The only white St Jo I've not got on with is Guigal Lieu Dit, which was decidely on the oily side. Ive burried the rest hoping something more palatable might appear in time.