Tiny Rebel Beers

Anyone sampled any of these?

My son who has recently moved to Cardiff is a big fan of the Clwb Tropica. Picked up some at the weekend but not sampled yet along with the Cwtch and some Cali Pale...

I’ve tried most of them in the past but quality over the last 4 years or so has gone downhill for me so I very rarely buy them now.
That’s prob the best one of theirs for me


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I'm inclined to agree with Richard, they have gone downhill a bit.

I think basically all producers of new wave beer have an extremely tough time scaling, the recipe just doesn't work at mass volume. Brewdog is an outlier given how predatory they are, but Tiny Rebel have certainly experienced it as they've started to land in supermarkets.

Fundamentally though, one of the better new wave brewers and are still ahead of say, Beavertown.
Really looking forward to trying these... In the (more or less) widely available c. 5% IPA stakes have to say my ranking is Butcombe Goram a short head ahead of Punk. Really don't like Hobgoblin at all - a consistent metallic twang
I have enjoyed Cwtch in the past but not come across it in the last couple of years. Saw today that they were stocking Clwb Tropica in the Chislehurst Costcutter, along with just past its BBD Kernel IPA Nelson Sauvin at 75p ea. Picked up one of each to try.

Clwb Tropica - 330ml can - clean pour, nice carbonation, lightish body, touch of Five Alive to the flavour or maybe Hollywood chewing gum in the old peach flavour I remember from childhood French exchange. Pleasant but probably wouldn’t session on it.

One week out of date IPA - 330ml bottle - the brash gooseberry flavours one associates with this hop have attenuated somewhat but otherwise this is intact Kernel packing quite a lot of welly.
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I bought the Tiny Rebel Mix pack from Sainsburys when it was on an introductory promo of £12 a good while back
Of the 4 beers the 5 Dollar Shake was my favourite but I've not been able to source it individually since.
I can't recall where CLWB Tropican sat in the rankings

Hi Michael,

Although I didn't know it at the time, you posted this whilst I was in the Tiny Rebel Bar in Cardiff with my son. He's a huge fan. We tried halves of:

- Clwb Tropica (much fresher and more lively than the cans, if available near me on draft would revisit)
- Just Haze Hazy IPA (very similar appearance to the Clwb but a tad metallic, prefer the Clwb)
- Electric Boogaloo (Passion fruit New England IPA retained a lovely balance and tension and didn't taste at all chemically)
- Peloton Pale (a session IPA that was beer of the night for me - very understated and quaffable)
- Mad Squirrel Brewery Hoodwink (My son wanted to try a white stout - never heard of such a thing - hope he (I?) are not venturing into Tsing Tao territory here - tasted very pleasant and at 8% seemed proportionately less boozy than many a hot vintage C9dP)
- Mad Squirrel Brewery Jackpot Cherry Milkshake (Tasted like a Liefmans Kriek but looked like a Moretti)

Summary these are a notch up as draft versions than the cans. Fun and way better than the sh1t I was drinking when I was 18!