TN: 2009 Loverbeer - Dama Brun-a

'Never mix the grape and the grain' goes the old saying. Well this beer was matured in the large oak barrels previously used for red wine - called 'Botte' or 'Botte Grande', common in Piemonte and other wine regions. The beer name reflects a stated homage (Omaggio) to the the Bruin beer style. 6.5% alc crown cap sealed.

On the nose I reckon there are elements of both influences, the nose reminds me strongly of the Bruin beers I've had, but there is also cherry-like lift of fruit in support.
On the palate there is good appetising sourness and some sweeter caramel, with good complexity coming through on a finish of quite decent length. Only the faintest prickle coming through, but I'm guessing this had a little more fizz when younger. I find the Italian beers (at least ignoring the dull mass market lagers) are very good at the dining table, and this is certainly a refreshing style with acidity to the fore without being shrill or strident.

This was labelled 'drink by end of 2014' but I don't think the extra 15 months have been a problem.