TN: Girardin & Tilquin

After a boring Saturday at work and summer temperatures having arrived, what better to do after work than open a couple more Gueuzes. Today's were both surprises and the results were pretty much the opposite of what I remembered these two to be.

First I opened the Girardin Gueuze and had high expectations. And it was ok. It had all that lovely funky gueuze aromas that I so love but the palate was kind of un-intense and a bit soft for what I want - definitely not sweet though so it isn't supermarket Lindeman's or anything like that. And this is odd since I remember really liking this in the past. But even just an ok gueuze is still pretty much more fun for me than almost any other drink in the world. But I'll be honest: slight disappointment still.

But the Gueuze Tilquin à l'ancienne 2019/20 was the nice surprise of the day. My memories were that it should just be an ok one, kinda like the Girardin ended up being. But no! It actually seemed drier and with more laser-sharp focus. It's still not the intensity of Cantillon and is a pretty easy-going style of Gueuze but it is really tasty.