TNs: Old Pulteney 12 and Huddart

I think it was Kevin who suggested I start exploring "island"/coastal whiskies next since I've now done surface level explorations of smoky/peaty and sherry bombs. I very much enjoyed the Clynelish 14yo and remember he mentioned Old Pulteney as one with more such character. I'd originally searched Alko's website and no OP was available there so imagine my surprise when I saw two of them in Alko today! I splurged and bought both.

First up, the 12yo. Just 40% abv, chill filtered with added colouring. I wonder if spending Finnish amounts of € for what is in the UK at the cheaper end of 12yos makes any sense since just a couple €s more and I can get something like the 10yo Islays from distillers I know I like. Very sweet toffee aromas and other such sweet ex-Bourbon cask flavours, very clean, slightly floral - actually very pretty for a cheaper end of 12yo. Ok, this is actually a surprisingly good scent. The palate starts sweet but goes towards a slight bitterness and brininess. Actually quite substantial palate for just 40% abv. I don't really know how to describe the texture - it's not oily but there's this heavy profile to it that I really like. So it's a good mix of sweetness and floral aromas countered by slight bitterness and saltiness and thickness of texture. Very satisfying. I'm glad I got the bottle. You UK people are lucky at the prices you can get it.

Huddart is a NAS but is bottled at 46% abv. Ex-bourbon casks and finished in ex-peated casks. That ex-peat has a very significant character: it smells of grass and earth, a little funky/dirty. It's hard to even see this is the same distillery as the 12yo. But it's still good stuff! Good grip and richness, robust and slightly peaty, sweet but not as obviously so as the 12yo and the sweetness is kind of underneath all the savoury goodies. Objectively this might be the better of the two but I kind of still prefer the 12yo tonight. I guess I wanted something light and pretty tonight. But both were good buys.