Tokajis - Can you help?

Hi all,

A friend of mine sent me some photos of some Tokajis he's storing and we're curious as to what they are and whether any of you may have tasted them before. Might be a long shot, but I thought I'd see if anyone knew anything about them. I only have the pics to go on as my friend lives abroad.

Just a disclaimer - none of the wines are for sale, this is just a curious question!

Thanks Ben.










I have a bottle of number [6]. 1988 was the last great vintage before the wall fell. I think my bottle belongs in the other thread - “most past it wine in cellar”

Probably more historical signifiance and curiousity than anything else. Maybe will open it next year on its 30th birthday.

Tom Cannavan

Ben, the forum often surprises with the depth and obscurity of its knowledge, but the problem in getting a lot of specific advice on these is probably that nobody has tasted them. There are literally only a handful of Tokaji producers whose wines are regularly and quite widely available in the UK, and they are not represented in your selection. As I am sure you know, they are all 5 or 6 Puttonyos, so at the very sweet end of the Tokaji spectrum. They look quite dark in the photos, which is not always a good sign, but I have found that Tokaji in my cellar does tend to darken fairly quickly, so they might well be perfect. I know your friend is not selling, but they have some value - not megabucks I suspect - but as a guess, somewhere between £25 and £60 per bottle depending on the wine.
I'd be prepping a suitable desert and getting a few friends round to try them
I like good pears poached in lightly spiced red wine, maybe with a spoon of vanilla ice cream and I'm currently drinking a '93 5 puttonyos Hetzsolo with that