Food Tortilla Espanola; the onion prevails.

Always put onions, potatoes, eggs and salt, nothing else in mine.

I normally use ordinary brown onions, but has anyone tried it with Barbosa (slightly sweeter) onions?

I use Barbosa to make a white onion soup which is delicious.
It's omelette(or trout, if stretching a point) rather than tortilla shaped in Catalonia, more on the French model, is it not, Charles?
As I recall it has the function of the Welsh rabbit, so that if one's fishing expedition fails eggs will have to do.
I love Alino's post above. I would tell him, seeing how he cooks one for his daughter without onion, another with it, plus another variant, that by comparison I'm a shit dad. He would smile warmly, and sympathetically, for he's a nice guy. I'd feel good. And then he'd say something I can't, and wouldn't, think of. Just five words. And I'd fall around laughing like a drunken fool.... I miss offlines at RSJ.
At the risk of reigniting the culture wars and being banished to the politics forum, where do the forum’s culinary sages sit when it comes to onion in Gazpacho? I’ve made it both con and sin but have now decided I’m firmly in the sincebollista camp.
The notion that there is a historically correct unchanging recipe for gazpacho is the work of reactionary woke Trumpist snowflake uncaring bleeding-heart conservative commies.
It was made with 'mixed vegetables' as I recall, James, and was indeed beyond the pale.
Crumbs that drags up an unwanted memory. The 'mixed veg' being from a frozen bag labelled the same. A mixture of uniformly sized red and khaki vegetable cubes along with sweetcorn.

Then cooked to the texture of a pencil rubber.
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