NWR TV Thread

The BBC2 series about the Premier League began on Monday, usefully directly after University Challenge, otherwise I might have forgotten it was on. Took me back a bit, but as well as the nostalgia for when Football was very different, it did inform as well as entertain. I'm sure a few of you must have watched it?
Agree completely about Stephen Graham Russell. I’ve yet to watch Help but Time was brilliant tv.

Other great actors, Michael Keaton and Stanley Tucci, with a deeply moving and not schmaltzy script about the aftermath of 9/11 and compensation for victims, make Worth on Netflix seriously worth watching too. Unlike the previously 9/11 themed films....
I thought Time was brilliant and Sean Bean opposite Stephen Graham was the rare sort of treat that comes along only once in a very long while.
After years of playing stereotypes Sean Bean has become more serious hasn’t he? In “Broken” he surprised me first and it’s excellent viewing. “Time” having Stephen Graham opposite him, I agree was special.
Just finished watching help, Stephen Graham and Jodie Comer are such great actors. To those who haven't seen the This is England series, I would recommend it, which is where I first became aware of Stephen.
Also my big fat diary which I think is where Jodie broke through, she is showing great diversity.
And it works live too. Looks great, much less banding and I could actually see parts that were a blurry mess on broadcast Freeview HD. Sadly doesn’t help with some of the more absurd plot decisions
I've only watched 2 episodes so far, but I'm not sure it made much of a difference in the scenes inside the submarine as the lighting was fairly low anyway. One thing I did notice in Suranne Jones' character's flashbacks to the car accident was that there were no tyre tracks in the stony beach where their car went into the loch and it seemed a rather long distance between the road and the water. Which plot decisions did you find absurd (bearing in mind I have only watched 2 episodes and don't really want any spoilers ;) )?
I didn’t keep a running tally per episode but they add up fairly quickly. Is entertaining enough to keep watching but unable to ignore some of the glaring flaws. Or maybe I’m too attuned to look for Chekov’s gun.
I particularly liked the one where the detective went to arrest someone who lived in a massive complex of apartments and just knew which window to look in despite no property numbers present, and the person of interest just happened to be passing by at that very moment. Good job he lived on the ground floor.

If only the real Police force were that efficient.