TWS Barolo offer

I really feel sorry that Burlotto takes only a very modest slice of the eventual secondary market value. The 2016s are trading for crazy numbers yet the producer is selling at an amazingly low price that allows TWS to pass them on for less than £35/b IB.
That depends on your notion of happiness, Fabio seems quite content making wine, living in a beautiful cantina with his entire family, I’m not so sure he gives 2 hoots about secondary markets other than the boredom of having to answer the phone to people who want a part of him or his wines. Albeit he’s far too polite to say anything to that effect. Hell what do I know.
@christopher prain Perhaps "feel sorry" is inarticulate and I should have said "It seems inequitable" [that Burlotto takes only a modest slice of secondary market prices]. I make that comment irrespective of whether Fabio cares and yes he is probably v happy.
Filippo, it must be quite a different experience, being nearby and speaking Italian. Presumably you can buy direct, and have a personal relationship, among other benefits!
It helps but not really that much. Alessandria when gained cult status redistributed all the allocation including restaturants. Everyone got cut. Not sure it was a smart move but what does he care.

Maria Teresa sticks to her word. Many others are very variable. The good thing I don’t need much Nebbiolo in my life these days (had enough over the last few years) and there are many new producers which I would like to try. Somebody Trediberri is a lot better these days. I need to try them again.

The beauty is to take the car and get there for lunch like I did when gardening in October (now we can’t get out of our own city limits)
Thanks Filippo, sounds a bit like the Rhone these days (where my wife grew up). You can get some things that are hard to get at home, and/or at better prices, but the difference is narrowing every year. It's an international business.
Filippo, is that because you already own plenty or because you're drinking other stuff instead? If the latter what grapes/regions are you drinking more?
Truth to be told I don't own that much. I guess I lived too long North of the channel and therefore I developed a sweeter taste. I tend to favour acidic grapes but with some sort of fruitness left to them. In my books this happens to both Sangiovese and Nebbiolo from time to time. I certainly appreciate the occasional good example of extra dry version of the grapes but it is not something to my taste for personal consumption. Moreover with age, I am becoming very sensitive to alcohol and both grapes tend to be not so forgiving in warm years. That said Valtellina is my go to region for Nebbiolo, rectius Chiavennasca.

More and more I am turning to France. I would venture a lot more to South Africa or Spain but those wines are very hard to come by here. When so, it is often at a hefty premium. Lately I have been buying a lot of Rhone and I enjoyed a lot despite not being so philosophical like Pinot. And better late than ever or never, I am looking at new estates from the Mosel. I have to thank Russel Faulkner for pushing me in this direction. And a lot of champagne mainly grower which is very easy to find in Italy. A lot easier than in the UK where demand outstrips several times supply at the 1/2 importers.

FYI I may be back in the UK as long as restrictions are over. Hence I will be back drinking Burgundy and Riesling from the cellar.

Thanks Filippo, sounds a bit like the Rhone these days (where my wife grew up). You can get some things that are hard to get at home, and/or at better prices, but the difference is narrowing every year. It's an international business.
Absolute;ly correct. The real bargains are at lesser known restaurants which still list at a decent price. You would expect to see Burlotto at around EUR 60/90 and not more in some establishments.
Sorry if I misled some of you when my original post suggested that the Wine Soc described 2017 as a cool vintage. I suppose I read what they said about the wines being fresher and jumped to the wrong conclusion. Which recent vintages might be cooler and offer fresher, more traditional wines?
What are the chances of getting any allocation for a new member ? I have not joined yet but have been looking for awhile now

Of most things, very good I would imagine. Of Burlotto Monvigliero I would think very unlikely, though TWS’s allocation processes often seem ineffable, so who knows. They say that in-demand wines are allocated based on things like the member’s support of society overall, IIRC, but we regularly seem to find anomalies when we discuss what we all did or didn’t get on here.

Not that any of that means you shouldn’t join TWS, you should! Lots of good and interesting wine.
I’ve been watching the replies on this thread and trying to decide what to do. Trying to decide whether to dive in and try to get some or to wait and see what other offers come or to move to another vintage,.,,,decisions decisions.....,problem got a maximum or 400 - 500 to spend.

Any guidance/advice ????

Thanks, Mark
Buy some 2016 from Alessandria (San Lorenzo or Gramolere) or Fenocchio (Bussia or Villero) or Cascina Fontana (the basic one is really ok and sometimes the Falletto is too stern) or Francesco Rinaldi (Cannubi) or Brezza (also not easy but generally beautiful) or Scarzello (v classic and I used to sell it) or Elio Sandri Cascina Disa (Perno will take time to come around) or Poderi Colla (same turnaround time of Sandri, i.e. eternity) or Trediberri (reverting to classic so they tell me but I am tasting this or next week) or Fantino (one of the most elegant I believe and lesser known) or Luigi Oddero (Rionda if you can but others are fine) or Marcarini (Brunate over La Serra which can be v good) or Vajra.

I am missing loads, especially all the up and coming girls (Isabelle and Lalu' comes to mind).
Anyone heard how they fared in the Burlottery yet? My confirmation email from TWS says I'll be told about my allocation not later than today. Expecting to be disappointed within a few hours, but also relieved - I really can't afford what I put in for!