UK wine brexit boost?

Don't know about wine makers, but it will help clear any stocks of fine wine wine that are in the UK. As the pound fell against the euro after the financial crisis I bought quite a few cases in the UK. Great for a while, but then the prices started to rise and it was less attractive. Pound was a lot weaker then though - we were down to 1.10 and below against the Euro.
It'll be a big boost for whisky, and is having an effect on the UK fine wine market driven by the devaluation of sterling, with increased buying from Asia. There is likely to be more trade to trade activity as well due to inventories being depleted and the requirement to restock. Prices of first growths from back vintages are seeing an unusually large rise since June 23rd. Whether prices will fall back over the next few weeks or months remains to be seen. You can very clearly see the effect on price rises here.