Very fine lunch today

Tom Cannavan

What a surprise when turning up for our lunch booking today to find that me old mucker Willy Michel had just parked his yacht Vive la Vie immediately opposite, and of course insisted we join him for a spot lunch. Magnums of Cristal 1985 to kick things off, then Romanee-Conti Montrachet 1986, again in magnum, then a spectaclular Lafite 1961 from Jeroboam.

I pleaded with him that enough was enough, but who could resist a bottle of the Yquem 1886 to finish? Marvellous. Lunch included lobster thermidor, fillet steak rossini and tarte tatin he had flown in from Paris this morning. Willy always tells me off for taking photos over lunch or dinner, so just one candid snap of the carpaccio and tartare served as amuses, with my slightly embarrassing contribution, a bottle of a modest local wine.


Reminds me of a very agreeable light lunch in a restaurant in Queenstown, Otago, with the view over the lake being blocked by the ferry. Our amiable ponytailed waiter apologised for the view being blocked and said he would have a word with the captain, and get the boat moved straight away.
And so it came to pass - the ferry moved out one minute later (exactly according to timetable)
Is it just me or does anyone else see the problem with the term "less unfortunate" the way it has been used on this thread. Something can be unfortunate, and no doubt even more unfortunate for the unlucky, but surely if one is less unfortunate it would certainly be better than being unfortunate.