Vino Lanzarote

Tom Cannavan

I reported back from our previous visit to Lanzarote on the high quality of some of the island's wines, particularly from Bodegas Puro Rofe and Vulcano. Would add to that Bodegas Martinon, a new discovery on this trip.

The discerning independent traveller can find a whole lot to like here, in another world from the package holiday scene, including some excellent dining using mainly island and coastal ingredients. And apart from the local wines, in very very good restaurants this week, Dom Perignon 2009 at 180 Euros, Tignanello 2015 at 130 euros.

Sadly circumstances conspired against me taking advantage of either on this occasion.
Apologies for the slight thread drift but hopefully valid.
I was in Fuertaventura recently (Correlejo to be precise) and came close to writing a trip report, mainly just for info, I daren't try and get into the specifics of it all.
That said our hotel had a veritable mix of Rioja and Ribero del Duero for meal accompaniments (we liked the halves of Sierra Cantabria Crianza, not just that they were delivered as 500ml :) ), but beyond that was something of a task to seek out wine you'd like to drink.
Supermarkets were a complete wash with the vast percentage of choices under 5 euros and suspicious.
Hipodino (kinda like Spar/One Stop) had some options (Faustino 1 and a very nice Protos Crianza 2018) but Eurospar won the day, with a locked cabinet (find someone to open it!) full of various famed and enticing Rioja/Riberos including 2012 La Rioja Alta, Muga etal, enough for a relative novice such as I to be happy.
If you're in the vicinity, hope this helps.

Tom Cannavan

Willie, the vineyards are all in the centre and north of the island, and the two biggies where I think you can just turn up for tastings and sales are El Grifo and Yaiza. I also believe a much better/smaller produce called Vulcano has an easily accessed cellar door as they also have gardens and an art exhibition. Lovely wines. Of the other favourites of mine, I *think* you might need an appointment. There's also an English guy who runs winery tours and sells a few wines back to the UK - you'll find him by googling for Lanzarote wine.

My Lanzarote dining guide has mostly recommendations in the Playa Blanca area and around, and a bit more on my favourite wines.

Tom Cannavan

Hipodino (kinda like Spar/One Stop)

Jim, Hiperdino has stores all over the Canaries I think, from small convenience stores to large supermarkets, but even in the relatively large one near us here on Lanzarote the wine choice is not great - lots of big brands. Having said that, we too have bought some decent Riojas and Ribera del Dueros at the top of their range. There are a few proper wine shops/bodegas around, one where we are staying has a great range of local wines, including the best of the island's wines.
I came across a little Wine/Gourmet provisions shop with a Bar attached called Vino+ not far from the centre of Puerto del Carmen. They stock Lanzarote wines from the smaller producers. Talking to the owner, they don’t get many tourists visiting because they aren’t visible from the main streets