Want to help wine merchants succeed through tech?

If you've had any experience of deploying business systems within an independent wine merchant you'll know options have been somewhat limited: outdated software or requiring adaptation for the business of wine, and typically expensive to set up. Which is why Wine Owners released the Hub software as a service (SaaS) solution for wine merchants, retailers and importers. Since release this summer, we've already signed 12 businesses from all around the world who've been looking for an industry-specific solution that can help them do what they do better, take advantage of market opportunities, and grow.

We're now looking for talented smart people with good analysis and detail competencies to help primarily with delivery of Hubs and our wider software solutions that include the Hub Webshop, warehouse management, private client reserves management and self directed brokerage.

If you're thinking about the next step in your career, are already knowledgable about wine and think you may have what it takes to succeed in the world of software and information solutions, do please get in touch!
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