What is this wine?

Hey guys!

I have a bottle of wine where of which I cannot figure out the origin and the value.

I'm not thinking of selling this bottle, but since I cannot figure out what this is, my curiousity has been created.

I hope someone can help me with this, thanks in advance!




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And yet don't I see "d'Asti" on the label? Wonder if this was from an era before Lacrima Christi was properly regulated.

I suspect any value lies in the decorative value of the jug rather than the wine per se.
Look more closely! Duca d'Asti appears to be the producer (or more likely the negotiant as a quick search reveals they marketed wines from other other regions, including Piemonte, unsurprisingly). The Vesuvius appellation rules are here: http://www.agricoltura.regione.campania.it/viticoltura/disciplinari/DOC_Vesuvio_2015.pdf I guess liquoroso means fortified.

As the spelling in the rules is Lacryma rather than the Lacrima on the label, this bottle probably pre-dates 1983.
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