NWR Where can i buy hight quality wine on-line?

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Ciao Sandra
Bat & Bottle ha una selezione ampia di vini Italiani, e se i vini costano £150 o di più consegna è gratuito.
Italian Wines Bat & Bottle

James Bercovici a 'Big Red Wine' ha una bella selezione di vini Piemontese da produttori piccoli - buono ma non caro. Consegna è £7, ma gratuito sopra di £200.
Big Red Wine Company - Italian Wines

Raeburn (un mercanto Scozzese) ha vino molto interessante, ma la lista di vino non è preciso. Consgna è £12.60.
Raeburn Fine Wines | Shippers Wholesalers and Retailers of Fine Wines
la lista di vino è qui:

Ci sono multissimi altri in UK e wine-searcher è un sito web utile per una lista stampata.
British Wine Stores and Businesses
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Giacomo Marchesi

I've been buying from these guys for a while, They have been going for a long time, but only recently started selling online. They sell only by the case though. Wines from Italy and all over the world. Big names, especially in Italy. Euro Wines.
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We definitely need to be aware of possible spamming in the new 'open to the world wide web' setup. There is a threat to Tom's ability to attract sponsors if it is seen to happen regularly, but also a threat to the enjoyment here if we feel there is a lack of honesty / integrity. In the past we'd typically give people the benefit of any doubt and it would be sad if we stopped giving considered help / guidance to genuine first time posters.

Tom Cannavan

Ian, I couldn't agree more, except the "open to the world' set up doesn't actually change anything: we've always had spammers joining with seemingly believable credentials. They're only spotted once they start spamming.

I would hope every new member with a question is greeted with enthusiasm, however, this reeked of spam from the first moment - I won't give away my own spam indicator index, except to say some aspects of it were obviously suspicious (first time poster asking for online wine shop recommendations is an absolutely classic, played out dozens of times here over the years). Other indicators I've learned to recognise over 20 years of doing this.

I have deleted and banned one clearly spam reply to this thread already, and removed live links from another, both by first time posters giving Italian names and locations. It was only 'benefit of the doubt' that let this thread exist beyond day one to be honest. No doubt Sandra Bianconia might step in now expressing outraged indignation, but my spam index says the likelihood of this being genuine is about 1% at most....
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