wine and biodynamics

Does the same wine show differently depending on the day and the cycle of the biodynamic calendar? What do you think?

(Sorry if this has been asked but I searched and didn't see anything)
How did you search? Try copying your precise question directly into google and look at the first hit.

It doesn't tell you what I think of course, but I usually go with science over anecdote.
Steve, What if Einstein told you an anecdote?;)

The answer is only if you think it does.

I think the same wine tastes differently for all sorts of reasons, to all sorts of people.
Steve, What if Einstein told you an anecdote?;)
Some great scientists have been known to talk complete bollocks when straying from their science. Well, one at least.- Linus Pauling - Nobel prize winning chemist, and sometimes rated as being one of the top 20 greatest scientists, who later in life had crazy ideas about the benefits of Vitamin C
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