Wink Lorch New Book Kickstarter

Tom has kindly approved this post, including allowing the link at the end.

Many of you, I know (because your names are in the book) helped to fund Wink Lorch's excellent Jura book, which won the André Simon Prize a couple of years ago.

Wink now plans to follow this up wit a book on Alpine France, covering Savoie, Bugey, the Isère and Die. She has begun a Kickstarter Campaign to crowdfund the book and seeks to raise £12,000 by 8 May to make it happen. There are various packages available, from £20 (a discounted and early copy of the book) to almost £2,000 (3-4 days touring Savoie and Bugey with Wink, visiting producers...there's also a one day producers plus lunch option for £495).

Another option, which might be of interest to a group of us, is an organised tasting.

The book will use the same main photographer, Mick Rock (of Cephas), whose pics really helped make the Jura book come alive.

Many of you will know I love these regions, and have written many times about some of the exciting wines they are producing. Wink has a house in Savoie and, as with her Jura knowledge, I can't think of anyone more qualified to write on these regions and wines. And to top that, her nearest vineyard is almost certainly the best producer in Savoie (Belluard), lucky thing.

I have no direct connection with Wink. We've met five or six times at tastings, and I did attend a "Twitterthon" to promote the Kickstarter for the Jura book (you all know about my Jura connections). I want to do everything I can to make this book happen because I know it will be as good as Jura Wines. It is hard to publish books on wine and we see fewer and fewer of them.

Finally, can I stress that this thread is purely off my own bat. Wink has not asked me to do this, and she will be unaware I'm doing it.

If you wish to support her Kickstarter, as so many of you did for Jura Wine, visit her Kickstarter Crowdfunding Page here.

Thank you again, Tom.
I don't plan to go bumping this all the time, but Wink has almost reached half way in her Kickstarter Campaign. 21 days to go. I know there are people who might be annoyed to miss this, and I'm pretty sure Wink is very grateful to those who have given their support via the link (sanctioned by Tom) at the end of my top post, above.

Aside from the wine stuff (let's be honest, Savoie and Bugey etc are not of interest to a lot of wine lovers), there will also be the same sort of things as made the Jura book even more fascinating - including food and culture, of interest to other visitors to these regions.
Very pleased Wink hit her target yesterday with a couple of weeks to go. It is doubtless in no small part due to the quality of the Jura book. Someone apparently pledged for the 3-4 day tour, lucky people.

Anyone who has not yet pledged can still do so, and remember that by paying six or seven months early you can get a big discount knowing that the book will be funded.

I know quite a few people from Winepages pledged and I know Wink is grateful for support once more from the Forum.
I know many of you will have received your copies of Wines of the French Alps by now, and I think a smaller number have read the review I posted on my site this morning.

I wanted to say that this has been a long haul for Wink. Aside from the fact that she had to visit around 120 producers, ranged from Bugey and Lac Léman in the north, down to Die and Gap in the south, she did so at a time of great personal the book is dedicated to her partner, Brett, who sadly passed away in 2018, I don't think this is any big secret.

That Wink has persevered in these tragic circumstances to (not for the first time) publish THE work on an up-and-coming set of appellations, a work which will do more than anything before to promote the often lovely and occasionally world class wines from the French Alps, is a testament to her deep knowledge and dedication.

We are always interested in a new perspective on Bordeaux, Burgundy or Barolo, but when something is written about wines which are pretty much unknown to all but a relative few, then we have a truly valuable addition to the world of wine writing. And hey, Mick Rock remains a fabulous photographer.

I very much hope that she will receive the respect and recognition, and indeed the sales, that this well produced, erudite and eminently readable book deserves.