Wychwood Imperial Red Ale spotted in San Diego (well, the t-shirt!)

Currently, the only way taprooms can stay open in San Diego County is to have outdoor seating, plus a food option. All seating being six-feet apart.

Our favourite brewery in these parts - Pure Project - duly took over their car park with 21 tables and a taco food tent.

When we were there Friday afternoon, there was a chap behind me wearing a Wychwood Imperial Red Ale t-shirt. I said "Never in all my years have I ever seen someone wearing a Wychwood Imperial Red Ale t-shirt in San Diego!"

He replied "Never in all my years has anyone recognized this t-shirt in San Diego!"

It gave us both a good chuckle...badly needed in these bizarre times. 20200914_121327.jpg 20200911_162728.jpg 20200912_173615.jpg