1. P

    Caronne St Gemme, sold to Bernard Magrez!

    I have just read elsewhere on the web that one of my long term favourite wines has been sold. And worse still to a purveyor of oak soup. I have been enjoying this wine for over 30 years and this strikes me as really bad news. Apparently it could even be incorporated into La Tour Carnet.
  2. P

    Durfort Vivens - time to reconsider?

    There seems to be a bit more buzz around Durfort Vivens in the last few vintages, more than at any time I can recall. I have had the 2002 and 2004, both were pleasant but not exceptional wines. So has anyone on this forum tasted any of the last few vintages? Is it getting to be a better or more...
  3. Stas Medvedev

    TN Reignac 2009

    Mixed impression of this Bordeaux Superieur which is often praised to overachieve its status. Opaque dark colour. Looks unfiltered. Evident wood. Chocolate. Dark fruit, mostly blackberry. Fruit is overripe and sweet, feels cooked. With time in glass reveals more vegetable tones, with touch of...
  4. Stas Medvedev

    TN 1975 Ducru-Beaucaillou⁣

    This is my 3rd and the last bottle over the past year. It definitely sits at its plateau now and fully awake. Difficult to say when the drinking window will close down. ⁣ ⁣ Lots of energy and precision. Cabernet Sauvignon dominant. Perfumed black currant jam with leaves. Complex tertiary aromas...
  5. John Simson

    Bordeaux TWS reccos

    Turning to the WP hive-mind once again... My aunt and uncle are coming to visit from Germany in a couple of weeks. They are big Bordeaux drinkers; I am not. I went to my cellar but the cellar was bare! Need to buy in a couple of bottles then, and will probably turn to TWS for convenience. I...
  6. Hamish Wakes-Miller

    Bordeaux Primeur Tastings...Changes

    It looks like Olivier Bernard is trying to manage the Union de Grands Crus tastings slightly better in early April this year. The first two days tastings are solely for the trade buyers, negociants, courtiers and importers, whilst the third day is open to a wider audience. This makes a lot of...