1. Paul Anderson

    NWR Paolo Rossi RIP

    Sad news that Italian footballer, and the star of the 1982 World Cup, passed away. Only 64 years old.
  2. John Simson

    Pinot Grigio question

    As the family's resident "bloke who knows about wine" I have just fielded a call asking me to recommend a "nice bottle of Italian pinot grigio for around £20" for some distant relative's birthday. I failed dismally to do so, knowing almost nothing about the grape.But for some reason I offered to...
  3. John Simson


    Needed some white wine for cooking and spotted this. Having never even heard of the grape, I decided to give it a try: Co-op Truly Irresistible Fiano di Benevento 2014 (£6.99) Straw/golden colour. Nose still blocked so not much to report there. Palate is intense, elderflower and peaches, a bit...