1. Mark Temple

    Travel Southern Cyprus

    Using up my remaining holiday allowance... I'm going to Cyprus for 4 days next month. Looking forward to it, as I have so far neglected the Eastern Mediterranean somewhat. Will have a car and, as I'll be on my own, I am intending to use it ;) I think I will have two nights in Limassol and two...
  2. S

    What italian wine do you prefer?

    In italy i work with wine, i have a small winery, and i'd like to know what kind of italian wine is common all around the world? Prosecco, amarone, lambrusco or what else? In germany i sell lots of prosecco and Buttafuoco, a red wine originated near Pavia, in the Oltrepò Pavese aerea.
  3. Luke Hector

    Beginner Wine Drinker - Buying My First Cabinet

    Hi! I've enjoyed wine for a while but mainly while out on meals or having a get-together. I intend to do more hosting at my place as well as subscribe to a wine case provider and so I want to start storing my wines in something suitable for them. However not knowing much about the subject...
  4. J

    High tannins and high acidity

    Hi. I'm getting into wine and am noticing that I like lots of acidity with lots of tannin as well. What grapes would fit this description generally? Red wine only please. Thank you!
  5. B

    UK wine brexit boost?

    What are people's thoughts on the weak pound helping UK winemakers? UK beer and wine makers await post-Brexit export boom
  6. M

    Food Trying to find a handmade wine rack.. Best place to get one from?

    Hi all, Was wondering if anyone could recommend a company which hand makes wine racks? I've seen this company - Wine Racks & Wine Cabinets - Wine Storage | A&W Moore - but I just want to explore my options. Any other recommendations would be really helpful. Thanks Mandy
  7. Liv Pedersen

    Totally new, need storage information on these wines :)

    hallooo everyone :) I am totally new here and I am not a wine expert at all, therefore I would like your help, because I just recently got a hand on really many wines and I know really nothing about wines Mostly I just want to know how long these particularly wines can be storage :) Because I...
  8. Megan Bay Dorman

    Wine expert in France?

    Hello everyone, I was wondering if you might possibly be able to help me please? I am looking for a wine expert in France, and wondered if anyone has any recommendations? This is for a television programme in which we are exploring the potential health benefits of red wine, focusing on...
  9. John Simson

    Wine in Music

    Disappeared down a Wikipedia rabbit hole the other day and discovered Al Stewart's Down in the Cellar: Apparently featuring such unforgettable numbers as "Waiting for Margaux" and "The Shiraz Shuffle". It got me thinking - if anyone could put together a vinous playlist, it would be the...
  10. M

    Bordeaux en primeur

    Hi Everyone, I'm pretty much new to the world of wine. So I'm sorry if I get any of the terms wrong ;) I've heard a lot about Bordeaux 2015 and how you can get it cheap if you buy it before hand? I find this slightly confusingo_O A little guidance would be nice ! Is it really a good...
  11. P

    Cherry Wine recipe

    Hello, does anyone have a cherry wine recipe and method. I want to make a wine without additives if possible. A few years back someone I used to know showed me how to make it, using cherries from my own tree. The wine was great but when I tried myself a few years later the wine ended up...
  12. E

    Wine export english vocabulairy

    Hello, I'm looking for some advices please. I will start soon to export wine to different countries - in English. :confused: I need to have better vocabulairy as for bids of tender, customs forms, describing wine at wine salons and some negociation. Does somebody know an english of wine...
  13. A

    Shipping wine from UK to US

    Can anyone assist me with getting 4 cases of wine from the UK to me here in Florida ? I know (from many past experiences shipping direct from SA) that if I ship 2 cases to myself and 2 to my wife, that we are under the duty limit - but I just need help from anyone who knows actually physically...
  14. B

    2016 and we Finally have another option to gift wine!

    It's funny I love giving wine as a gift! Valentines day, Christmas, Birthdays but wine can also be an in personable gift as well. Its awkward to wrap for the most gifted wrapper and lets face it those wine gift bags are ugly "clunky" and obvious. Finally we have a greeting card label for wine...
  15. Daniel Williams

    1956 Wines / Ports ?

    Hello, Whilst i await privilidges into the vinxchange im trying to source some 1956 port or wines - i am a wine merchant by trade but tend not to deal in stuiff of this age my usual channels for this sort of thing have come up dry! so i thought id ask for some forum advice the bottles arnt to...