1967 Produttori Rabaja

Discussion in 'UK Wine Forum' started by Robert Tang, May 14, 2018.

  1. Ruby colored with some bricking at the edges, and a milky haziness. Multifaceted aromas of dried roses, menthol, pine, leather, dried figs, and creosote and tar., and animale. Beautifully balanced, yet powerful. If you have a well stored bottle, no harm in saving it for a few more years, but why, as I cannot see it getting any better.
  2. Sounds delightful, is there a story behind this old bottle?
  3. 1967 is my birth year, and I acquired this from Chambers in NY. The bottle looked to be in good shape, and I wanted my mother to experience a 1967 wine, so our family shared it for Mother's Day yesterday...
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  4. Have been lucky enough to drink the same wine on a couple of occasions, always giving great pleasure.
  5. Robert, if you've been a good boy, and I expect you have, then your mother has already experienced someting good from your birth year.

    Cheers ........................ Mahmoud.
  6. The 67 Moccagatta can be cracking too

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