2007 Red Burgundy

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  1. In the latest weekend drinking thread there were a few interesting posts on 2007 red Burgundies.

    Previously my experience has been very good with these wines - light, open, early drinkers.

    Some comments on the Weekend drinking thread certainly mirror my experiences this year that they seems to be closing down a touch.

    I've had a number of decent wines from Jadot's Corton Pouget, Montille NSG, to Chandon de Brailles Ile de Vergelleses among others and have certainly found them more bitter of late.

    Any other takes on this vintage? It has always been one that I've enjoyed.
  2. I didn’t buy any ‘07 Burgundy during EP but bought a fair bit in the secondary markets as prices were just too attractive. So far I am quite happy with those purchases.

    Cathiard Murgers - fantastic showings 4 to 5 years ago but seems to be shut at the moment.
    Fourrier Aux Moines - good wine but last bottle one year ago was in awkward phase.
    Mugneret Gibourg Chaignots - still showing great.
    Bruno Clavelier Beaux Monts - so good that I finished the 6-pack in record pace.
    Chevillon Vaucrains - single bottle purchase, civilized for a Vaucrains, enjoyed it.
    Chevillon Cailles - single bottle purchase, good wine.
    Drouhin Laroze Bonnes Mares - rubbish stuff, thin and acidic.
    Pousse d’Or 60 Ouvrées - good showing but not ready when opened a few years ago.
    Clos de Tart - ready but lack concentration of other vintages in a vertical tasting.
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  3. Generalisations are obviously always difficult, but I have a few in the cellar and haven’t detected any sense of them closing down or fading (as a couple of recent notes I’ve seen have suggested). Recent examples tasted include Lafarge Volnay, a couple of Camus-Bruchon Savigny 1ers, Fourrier Gevrey VV and Combe Aux Moines and Mugnier Clos de la Marechale and all have been drinking well.
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  4. A Santenay 1er cru Gravieres VV 2007 from Vincent Girardin was very good indeed tonight with no sense of being closed. Lots of cherry and strawberry fruit with good depth and length. Classic wine from a lesser Cote de Beaune commune.
  5. Organized an ‘07 tasting today, here were the line-up, five of us finished 6 bottles during lunch. :)

    Leflaive Batard Montrachet
    Vincent Girardin Batard Montrachet
    Bouree Clos de Vougeot
    Cathiard Murgers
    Montille Malconsort Christiane
    Vogue Bonnes Mares

    VG Batard was corked, the weakest showing was Bouree and the best showing was Vogüé. Cathiard Murgers was able to to hang with the Malconsort Christiane, to my surprise. All were wide open and drinking now with years to go.
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  6. You mean you drank the corked one anyway?
  7. Yes, it was just slightly corked.
  8. Had 4 bottles of PYCM Chassagne champs gains and 2 bottles of roumier chambolle musigny last night. All were superb. The Roumiers were just so seductive.
  9. The Roumier was a beauty on my one encounter. Seductive indeed, which used to be just about the last word Roumier's wines inspired.
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  10. Clos des Lambrays earlier this year - stunning; we thought it was 2001 or 2002...
  11. The Roumier is a delicious wine - I'm still smarting from TWS pulling the plug on selling it for 35 quid a few years back.
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  12. Had an '07 de Montille Taillepieds recently in a vertical with '11 and '14 at a Lay and Wheeler dinner with Étienne de Montille. It was delicious with good mineral terroir expression and elegant fruit. According to to M. de Montille this was shut down a few years ago as the '11 is now but it is drinking really nicely now. My friend Alex recently told me about Grivot Chambolle '07 he had that was 'violet scented and with clean as whistle fruit'. '07 does seem to be a very good value vintage and mainly drinking very well now.
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  13. I have some Dujac wines from 2007 - anyone tried any of these ? The Morey and the GC Les Cazetiers.
  14. Had Dujac CdlR 6 months ago and a 1er a few weeks ago. The latter was great for the first 90 mins then rather shut down. So good if you are sharing it!

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