2008 Haut Bailly TN

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  1. Tasted in Zalto Bordeaux glasses. Opaque black purple in color. Luscious black fruits, lead pencil, smoke. Rich, well integrated, silky rich black cherries, decadent mouthfeel, with nice floral accents and minerality. Classic Graves.. Foolish me for not buying this in pallets!!
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  2. Thanks for the note Robert - I also read a good report on the Farr Vintners website recently.
  3. You are welcome Alex. Take care
  4. The 2004 was probably an inflection point for this estate. This notion was supported by our tasting last week, and is a view supported by the estate itself. From there they have gone from strength to strength. At a Goedhuis Bordeaux tasting three years ago the HB rep brought along the 2008, 2009 and 2012. The eight and 12 are not that far behind the highly exalted nine. I bought a case of the 2008 on the strength of that. Glad to read it is already drinking well.
  5. Looking at the label, 13 percent alcohol. Great balance and I was pleased to see this level.
  6. One of the very few Bordeaux of any stature of which I own a case. I bought it based on the one ep tasting I've ever attended. Glad to see it's getting along nicely.
  7. I had the 08 a few weeks ago, a rarity for me it lasted 3 days in the decanter and got better with each passing day.

    I bought the last bottle available locally and intend on leaving it 2 years at least.

    Total beauty.
  8. Happy to hear this. I have a case stashed away. Think I'll keep it out of the way for a few more years.
  9. The scores from '04 onward are pretty much 1st growth level aren't they, especially '08 onwards.

    I remember at the FWE vertical several years back Veronique Sanders commenting on how highly rated the terroir was a century ago.

    Even with the recent improvements there were excellent older wines in that tasting going back to the 20's with a '61 doing its stuff, I also enjoyed two supreme bottles of '66 in recent times.

    I also remember VS saying they were very active buyers of older wines as the Chateau had next to no reserves.

    I haven't tried recent vintages (I stopped buying with '09 pricing) and I'm glad if the higher scored have come without dialling up the power like Pontet Canet.

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