2016 Rhone offer from the Wine Soc

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  1. Is it just me who thinks the offer is a shadow of its former self, where some of the fine names in the region were represented now I hardly recognise anyone, no Sorrel, Alemand etc. A sign of the times or did I miss something?
  2. So is it going the same way as their Burgundy offer?
  3. I think you missed the Sorrel?
  4. Allemand was added late last year. No doubt price will be up again.
  5. Maybe not one for the cherry-pickers but it’s got a lot of breadth to it imho.

    Some significant price hikes for some of the wines though. I didn’t realise it was a short vintage like in Burgundy. :oops:
  6. Bit random in terms of what is there and not there from same growers. Darnaud Crozes but not the (more exciting) St Joseph; Domaine du Tunnel St Joseph but not the Cornas.
  7. I wonder if some wines are increasingly difficult for WSO to take on and effectively sell under a certain allocation number - one of the few things they get a little criticism for (including me sometimes) is how they deal with the small volume high demand stuff and one would think their client base has grown steadily.

    They have had enough recco's from here!
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  8. No other merchant’s EP offer of Rhône wines comes within a million miles of TWS’s for its sheer breadth and depth. I suspect that the disappearance of some old favourites may well be the result of reduced availability, but I bet some of the missing wines have actually been acquired by TWS and turn up in future “fine wine” lists or themed offers etc.
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  9. Oh I was thinking what to drop from my wish list on the offer, not searching for things to buy. So I guess it's a full offer IMO. Obviously if there are special producers missing you'd be disappointed but can they list everything? It's always a choice for them. Maybe quantity available , price or quality not right this year on some cuvee and perhaps they'll app ar in another form, like the Gonon blanc did.
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  10. I think Berry’s used to up until last year when it kind of went “odd” in terms of a virtually non existent offer.
  11. I thought many of the prices startling too and decided to give this year a miss especially as no Trevallon Blanc .
  12. If you look at my post on Ampuis, many of the names I mentioned are included in TWS offer for the Cote Rotie so I reckon they have picked some great wines and the prices look very good too. Not 100% convinced about 2016 myself though.
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  13. Yes that's true - they don't carry the "base level" Ferraton wines but they also don't do the Crozes Pichieres (which would be nice to get a six of) jumping straight in with the Grand Courtil.

    Mind you their St Josephs are prime examples of where the price has jumped significantly from last year.
  14. The J&B Rhone offer is pretty good.
  15. Having tasted quite a number of 2015/16 (and 17 from cuve)in both North and South over the last 4 days, at some pretty good estates, I’d say 2016 is the best of the three for the red wines if you admire freshness and elegance over ripeness and power. If I was in a position to buy,I would and I rather regret going so long on 2015. I can’t remember a single grower how doesn’t prefer them too. It’s even more so for the whites in the North, Condrieu and St Jo especially have far greater balance in 16 than 15.
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  16. I saw in another thread that Jon thought the Chave Circa had been renamed, is it now the white Offerus? I can't see any listings on CT for a previous white Offerus. Did any other mechant offer the Circa EP?
  17. Offerus a different wine, IIRC. Another merchant has just offered the Circa. Only 400 cases produced, apparently.
  18. Thanks Ben, yes after I posted I got that email as well. Shame that TWS aren't offering it then, I can't believe that it's a quality issue, and the 2015 sold out.
  19. I’d be amazed if they were not the same wine or TWS haven’t misnamed it.
  20. I have never seen a white Offerus, but the TWS offer clearly says Marsanne and if I remember correctly Circa is predominantly Roussane, perhaps a new wine.
  21. TWS has always described the predominantly rousanne Circa as Marsanne. So not sure that tells us much.
  22. André Perret’s Marsanne VdP is 100% Roussanne according to the man himself, an historic mistake that can’t be rectified under the rules. All very odd.
  23. yes, the note for 2015 circa was:
    Most of the fruit for this white comes from the Clos l’Arbalestrier where there are centuries-old marsanne vines. A full-bodied and long-flavoured 2015 from this venerable estate’s Saint-Joseph concern. 2017–2023.

    for 2016 Offerus:
    This has a crystalline quality in 2016 alongside lovely fruit and a touch of honeysuckle. Most of the grapes come from the Clos l’Arbalestrier where there are 100-year-old marsanne vines. 2018–2024.

    So it looks like Jon maybe correct, they have just misnamed it.
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  24. Just heard back from TWS, it is the Circa.
  25. Rousset’s Picaudières 2016 Crozes(which tasted really well in Ampuis last week) has received ***** from JLL (and a Total STGT tag!),so succumbed to a case to go with my 2015’s when that arrives.

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