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  1. I will start it this weekend. Though we will have a dinner on BI’s free corkage offer tomorrow, I just had a sip of L'Extravagant de Doisy- Daëne 2013 from Hedonism wine machine. First time I have L'Extravagant, big fruit, almost fat but not in a unpleasant way. Very juicy and cute style. Probably better value than the good but not great Yquem 2013.
    It has become a routine that Hedonism wine machine gives sauternes sample less than it should be. I used to go there to sample Yquem from time to time but i stopped, not just because I think I always got less than 20ml when it should be 25ml, but I don't want to fuss the staff everytime and be seen as "pain in the arxx " customer though I might got a double shot in the end. (Today I got three shots. The machine was really coughing and spitting, with obviously less than 20ml output)
  2. Cattin Edelzwicker 2016 - aromatic, just off dry, lovely quality quaffer, most satisfying, 12%. Some stone and cream along with the aromatics. Yum.
  3. 0A96CAFA-65A0-4A62-8C57-606F88370C43.jpeg


    Opened a couple. Another 2007 Prum badstube but the second is possibly fascinating and I’m trying to work it out without a wealth of experience and reference points.
    This is the first time I’ve had a cap and glass stopper. Works well and novel.
    Good nose giving a decent amount off and reminiscent of the Leroy Bourgogne rouge 2003 I had except a lot better and with fair bit more power and taste. (The Leroy BR I actually wasn’t impressed with at all and is the very low end but same price as the Becker)

    Still need to see how this pans out but so glad I’ve got a few more bottles. Will last years.
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  4. B34F1CC6-E5C5-459B-A32C-E433DE058DE3.jpeg Good for you, Po-yu!
    I was able to steal away an hour from work and read a number of threads on WP. To use a wine analogy ( it is a Wine forum after all), wow! there’s a lot of heat, nervousity and CO2 around, one only hopes it will blow-off.
    Enjoying M.Sorrel 2009, evolving with a gentle pace, very nicely indeed.
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  5. First time I came across one of those Vinolok closures, Mike, I didn’t notice it and injured myself trying to drive a corkscrew through what I took to be cork with a spot of wax on top. Pillock!
  6. Po-yu: the staff are great. I’m in the area regularly, I pop in ( time and hour permitting) often, the staff would see the feedback as helpful and they would accommodate.
  7. Good to know it’s called a vinolok. Never seen one before and looks great.
    The wine has opened and warmed a little now and I might retract some of earlier notes but its really good. It would be interesting to see what much better judges and tasters thought.
    Maybe next years German wimps or free for all I’ll bring one.
    It’s not quite German in many ways. I’ve had the Holger Koch and Julg but this is different and much better.
    This is good.
  8. Yes they were very understanding... they are aware of this problem while couldn't really solve it.... so chance is that I will get a double shot often (if I make complaint every time and the staff on site understands the situation every time)
  9. Double shots of Sauternes - what a way to start your weekend Po!

    With the sunshine yesterday I felt like a glass of good pink so opened a cotat 2015 sancerre rose and perhaps not surprisingly it keeps getting better with age. Also tasted better on day 2. Tonight a glass of Vina Mayor Ribera del Duero 2011 Reserva which for less than a tenner per bottle delivered is absolutely bang-up lovely.
  10. Sitting watching Masterchef with cheese and Gaia 2010 from Grosset. Nice Bordeaux blend, a bit young and sweet, but complexity will come to us all if we wait a bit. 5 years off peak.
  11. As a precursor to the Lindeman's 1991 Pyrus (see related separate post), a super lemony citrus, slightly waxy, refreshing:-

    Domaine Meo-Camuzet 2008 Bourgogne Hautes-Cotes De Nuits 'Clos Saint-Philibert Monopole'.

    Have had this wine in other/earlier vintages - never disappoints - and in 2008 (for me a super vintage at all levels, red & white) as usual, VGI.
  12. Haisma 2014 BR tonight. Bright, some tannin, good acidity, light slightly tart red fruit. Refreshing rather than comforting. Not currently a crowd pleaser. I like it.
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  13. Les Dolomies Trousseau “En Rollion” 2015 (Côtes du Jura). Céline and Steve Gormally farm at Passenans in the south. The make lovely wines and this glouglou Trousseau is bursting with red fruits. You don’t notice the 13.5% alcohol at all. Lip-smackingly good. Touch of high tone might put off those for whom structure is required.
  14. Heat, nervosity and C02 - your Mastermind special subject.
  15. Another bottle of our trusty Cornas Eric & Joel Durand 2001 - long, deep, layered, and red-fruited with just enough ferrous and iodine notes at the finish to make this vrai Cornas. At the hedonistic end of the Cornas spectrum and a really cracking wine. 2001 is a superb vintage for Cornas and now drinking well.
  16. Last night at another highly regarded Spanish restaurant in Bangkok - Arroz - Beronia Reserva '12 - juicy fruited, mixed berries, good balancing acidity, slightly prominent oak for me and quite an intense wine.

    I actually ordered Beronia Especial but was served the straight Crianza and it was replaced with this. The Crianza was altogether lighter and less concentrated, more red fruited and more prominent acidity, in it's way just as enjoyable despite being a 'lesser' wine.
  17. I was so tempted to reply to that but have bitten my tongue...
  18. Love those glass stoppers - so classy. You can just tell they're expensive ;) Almost unknown outside Germany, Austria and (especially) the Sudtirol/Alto Adige, it seems.

    Finished off a Lupier Terroir Garnacha 09 last night. Still great on the third day, definitely the best of a number of these I've had, rich and rather Mourvedre-like. Serious wine for not much cash.
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  19. D606755B-270C-4A14-93CB-8F1425D96F17.jpeg Along with Po, looking forward to a big night tonight.
    Kicking off with 09 Cristal and 09 based Krug, infanticide perhaps but has to be done in the name of research!

    Last night Debbi insisted on a pinkie....”cos we ain’t having one tonight,” and it was the last of a brilliant 6 pack of Michel Arnould specials kindly procured for me by Dr.Pritchard.

    The best way I can describe these is that they have a light version of the succulence of the best pinks but with a little twist that the pastilles would have been Pink Grapefruit flavour.18/20
    This may only make sense to those of a certain age who remember the boxes of Rowntree fruit pastilles sold at the cinema in the 60’s, they had a different shape and flavour to the regular tubes that were sold for 3d.
    IIRC the boxes at the cinema were over a shilling!
  20. Well, it's Low Sunday this weekend, so we are aiming low in the cellar. Basically, low value wines, and low expectations. And as so often when we restrict ourselves for a few days just to a few modest bottles, at least one wine totally confounds those expectations.

    First up was a Bourgogne Pinot Fin 2010 from Arnoux-Lachaux -- expectations already completely blown. This a really lovely wine. Initially very intensely perfumed, so much so that I feared it might not be ready, like many 2005 village wines, which also have that very intense perfume on the nose, but are as yet unknit on the palate. But not this one. With a little air in the glass, this delivered a thoroughly satisfying drink, and not just because of the fruit. Ripe tannins, excellent balance and real length. I had hoped to see what it was like after 24 hours of air, but Julia polished off the rest of the bottle after I had gone to bed:eek::(! I think this is one of my best bottles of the year so far. £16 delivered, quite good value by today's standards, and happily there are still more than 2 cases left in the cellar.
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  21. 2011 Fourrier GC VV - so Fourrier and so pretty, should be the last bottle from a case as my inventory system sucks. Wide open and delicious, can drink this all day long.
  22. To fit in the infanticide theme maybe I should change my sweet wine offer to a 2009 sauternes....

    Nah we will stick with 1990 :D
  23. Gallimard NV last night with fish and chips. Pleasant but very obviously pinot noir - quite spicy and red fruited. Fairly simple but good with the food.

    Beef short ribs tonight, might try a Lismore Syrah 2016 but equally Mark's post has reminded me of the Lupier El Terroir 2009. We shall see.

    Sounds like a good evening - do let us know how you get on, be very interested to hear about the Krug in particular.
  24. Chartogne Taillet St Anne- crisp, lean and delicious
    Chave St Jo Blanc Circa 2015- oak dominates at the mo but lovely juice lurking.
    St Joseph Rouchier La Chave 2016- sweet mulberry nose and classy fruit/granite from Saint-Jean-de-Muzols.
    Zero sulphur but no bearing on it at all.
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  25. Turned out nicely this one. My good lady wants to trim the tops of these bottles and turn them into vases...

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