A full bodied red for £9-12/bot

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  1. Over the last year I have been trying to guide a colleague to find a a full bodied red from anywhere which he finds warrants the additional £3-8/bot over his current best in class Yellow Tail Shiraz!! We have tried a wide range of new and old world and there is nothing which prompts opening his wallet. To be fair he is from the North East so it will need to be materially better - but are there any red wines with body which this forum could point him to. I have given up.......

    Guidance appreciated.
  2. Faugeres Lou Cazalet Domaine Saint Antonin might work.
  3. Biferno Rosso or Billi Billi Shiraz from TWS. Both won my parents over who were at a similar sticking point
  4. I’d go for something of better quality but also something that is fairly large production / commercial. Yellow Tail is quite sweet as far as dry red wines go so maybe some appassimento style wines from Italy or some Californian Zin.
  5. Good shout. Waitrose do the Brazin Old Vine Zin for £14 which is pretty good in that style.
  6. Not had it for years but what about Lodi Zinfandel. Or Campo Viejo Reserva.
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  7. Not sure quite how full-bodied, but Perricone from M&S often seems to go down well....
  8. I would have thought the first thing to do was to guide him away from Yellowtail. There are perfectly decent wines in the £6 category, particularly during the frequent discount periods, and I have some sympathy with the view that spending an extra fiver will not necessarily get a much better wine, though a tenner ought to do it. The relationship between price and quality is not a direct one at whichever end of the spectrum.
    To my taste the Guigal CdR is fantastically unappetising!
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  9. Tom you are right and I have tried very hard to move him away from it - I suspect he has grown used to the sweetness ....which is why they do it .......the upfront jam fruit is addictive initially its clear its gone on for longer than one would expect
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  10. Does he like Port?
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  11. Meerlust red?
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  12. How about Enate Reserva from Somontano. Their Crianza is also good value. The wine is not super exciting but probably a step up, and should tick the full-bodied box
  13. If he likes Yellow perhaps just accept that and let him stay there. If I recall it has over 12 grams of sugar so you aren't really going to find any decent wine from anywhere with that degree of sweetness
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  14. Sainsbury’s stock a Cave de Tain Crozes Hermitage that might fit the bill.
  15. First you need to wean them off the sugar, then you can ask the question.
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  16. McManis Family Petite Sirah 2015

    On second thought, I had one of these recently on a bin end (stained labels) from TWS for £10. Probably perfect for description above, but was a bit much for me.
  17. Stick with your instinct. Give up!
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  18. Something from the warm South. Nero d'Avola maybe.
    Mark's riposso valpolicella is a good shout.

    Or just a better Aussie Shiraz (almost anything will achieve this!).

    If a local merchant is doing a tasting why not take him along or drop in to Majestic who usually have something open.
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  19. +1 for tasting (or wine festival!) idea.

    Might go and pick up some Perricone myself now you’ve got me thinking about it....
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  20. Try him with a good Primitivo from Puglia, or even a Negroamaro, some of the cheaper ones tend to be a touch sweet, but contrast nicely with a touch of bitterness.
    Valpol Ripasso is a very good shout too.
  21. Thanks all some fine observations and pointers. I particularly like simon G's
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  22. I like the Guigal Cote du Rhone suggestion best. Otherwise supermarket own label Crozes Hermitage is not always a bad shout, and if I am not wrong, I think Sainsbury's sometimes have M Chapoutier as the producer on their taste the difference labels. I think I have also seen Tesco Finest Gigondas which never tried but can't be too bad given that it will be a 16 or 15 vintage. Personally would steer a long way from supermarket CndP. Has to be a rhone for value here.

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