A visit to Champagne Deutz

Discussion in 'UK Wine Forum' started by Tom Cannavan, May 15, 2018.

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    Fizz-pages continues, with my report just published on my visit to Deutz last autumn, including extensive vertical tastings of Cuvee William Deutz and Amour de Deutz. A house I always enjoyed, but of which I am now a huge fan:

    Elegance defined: Champagne Deutz | wine-pages
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  2. Stop it. Just stop it. :p
  3. Great article!

    Deutz is a house I adore, although the Brut Classic can be a tad variable depending upon the base vintage. A shame you didn't get to try the "standard" vintage wines, the rose' and the Blanc de Blancs are superb. Interesting that the Amour de Deutz always receives 5% Chardonnay from the Montagne de Reims, and I often wonder if this small bit of juice is the pre-cursor to the nutty aromas later in its evolution.

    I managed to snag three bottles of the Homage in Reims for £65 a go... :)


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  4. Am I the only person receiving an 'about:blank' URL when I click the link, and a blank page?
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    Fintan, there might have been a glitch there - have updated the link which I have now checked and seems OK to me: Elegance defined: Champagne Deutz | wine-pages
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    Thanks for that.

    You know it only struck me when publishing the article this morning that it does seem like an odd omission not to have shown me the vintage wines, at least one of each, given the starry line-up they did put out. Perhaps it was just time constraints so the tasting would not be too rushed. Well done on snagging the Hommage Parcelles, and I guess the single vineyard releases will be of great interest to you when they appear...
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  7. Works now, Tom. Thanks! Looking forward to reading it. :)
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  8. I am waiting for our Deutz man in London Dan to say something...
  9. I've twice compared Amour de Deutz and Cuvée William Deutz and preferred the latter.

    On the other hand, when I want to open a bottle to share with my wife on Valentine's Day, it had to be the Amour ;-)

    Alex R.
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  10. Great article Tom, as ever comprehensive and some interesting insight into this particular house. It is not a house that I have tried previously but think that should change on the basis of this and your notes, however maybe keep it at the entry level for the moment.

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    Cheers Craig. It's one of those under-the-radar houses where I discovered many forumites rather keep the secret to themselves :)
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  12. First rule of Deutz club...
  13. Shhhh. :)
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  14. Is it “Doy-tz” or “Dut-z”? ;)
  15. Tom Cannavan

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    Jez, it's a simple dootz
  16. Is that the Glaswegian pronunciation, Tom?
  17. Durtz for me
  18. "Dootz" it is.
  19. As in "look", or "food"?
  20. As in "Look"
  21. Where a group of British discussing how to pronounce French names :p
  22. Tom Cannavan

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    It is the accurate, definitive pronunciation as used in both Epernay and Govan.
  23. Sid Waddell would have waded in with Champagne Dartz.
  24. Says you! :p

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