AleSmith Marzipan Speedway Stout (12%)

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    8oz on tap in a tulip glass at AleSmith Brewing Co, San Diego.

    Brewed to celebrate National Marzipan Day (I’m not joking). I LOVE marzipan - when I was growing up in Gloucestershire, I used to slice off the marzipan from our Christmas cake and just eat that.

    The notion of a marzipan stout - another of the many Speedway Stout variations - worried me, but true to AleSmith form, they delivered. The nose was totally marzipan with a rich creamy body, giving smooth, sweet almond flavours accompanied by a touch of coconut and lovely coffee notes which came from the Vietnamese Expresso that AleSmith used in this stout.

    Think of Battenburg Cake and your favourite Costa Coffee French-press in a glass and you have Marzipan Speedway Stout. Fantastic!
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  2. I like the idea of this.

    I sometimes think I am the only person on Britain that really likes marzipan. They seem to like this more in Europe and the quality is generally much better.

    As I used to like it so much when I was younger, my mother stopped putting icing on the Christmas cake and put a double layer of marzipan instead.
  3. That’s a great story, Alan. Brings back memories of family Christmases.

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