Announcing superBOWL/Glasgow Festival 2017

Tom Cannavan

All, I am delighted to say that I am organising the event again in 2017, on Saturday June 17th.

I have booked the same venue, but have taken an additional large space so that masterclasses can be moved there, and the exhibitors at the main tasting can spread over two rooms to ease the congestion experienced at various points in 2016.

Exhibitors have already started to sign-up, and I have one masterclass confirmed and one semi-confirmed, and a few interested parties looking at the 3rd spot - more to be announced on that.

The dinner is also under review: whether to hold it in the same venue/same format, or look at doing something else on the Saturday evening at a different venue.

Meanwhile, there's a new web site at Festival of Wine - Festival of Wine, and tickets are already on sale for the main event prices at £25.

I really do look forward to meeting many of your again in sunny Glasgow. No doubt Steve Pickles will be rounding up a Friday night dinner crew fairly soon...
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This year's event was sold to Mrs C that we could go & see the house her mum was born in. Need to wrack my brains for a new ploy.
Maybe visit some of the Charles Rennie Mackintosh locations......
This year's event was sold to Mrs C that we could go & see the house her mum was born in. Need to wrack my brains for a new ploy..

I seem to remember at an earlier SuperBOWL, while strolling the streets of Glasgow, we realised we'd lost Mrs Pickles, who'd been waylaid by a shoe and handbag shop, or something like that. Just mentioning it, in case that helps in negotiations with Mrs C...
Thanks Tom, great news. Still enjoying the memories from last June. Now looking forward to the next one.

Good to hear we may be able to do the Friday evening offline again too Steve. Happy to support you in any possible way with this.

Tom Cannavan

Many thanks to those who have already bought tickets and I hope plenty more have it in their diary. Two of the three masterclasses are now confirmed and I am delighted with both. I've also upgraded the web site at Festival of Wine - Wine Festival.

2.00PM - Cool Climate Wines with Iona Estate, South Africa
Sub-titled "The relevance of non interventionist winemaking," Iona's winemaker joins us from one of the Cape's greatest estates, high on a mountain top overlooking the Atlantic ocean. We'll taste multiple examples of their award-winning white wines, both varietal and blends, to discover the importance of cool climate and a 'hands-off' approach to winemaking.

3.30PM - Exploring Pinot Noir with Riverby Estate, New Zealand
I'm absolutely delighted to welcome forumite Kevin Courtney back to Glasgow, all the way from Marlborough, to present a journey through Pinot Noir. Kevin was inspired to launch a Reserve bottling of his PInot when his regular 2008 bottling was voted #1 by the influential Wine State magazine, and Kevin will guide us through vertical tastings of both the regular and Reserve Pinots.

All masterclasses are priced at £9.50 per ticket.