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Discussion in 'UK Wine Forum' started by Bobby Chandra, May 16, 2018.

  1. Hello All, I was hoping to tap into the forums collective experience. We have just booked a short trip to Bath and were hoping to get some recommendations on places to eat. I have combed through past threads without much success. So any up to date thoughts would be very much appreciated.

    Thanks in advance.
  2. If you want Brunch we are keen on Wild Cafe. The Circus is a good choice for Dinner.
  3. Come and have supper with us Bobby!
  4. Failing that Claytons at the Porter can be very good - Home

    There is an Ivy here but haven't been. Corkage on Queen Square is great for small plates and a decent wine selection. Demuth is very, very good for vegetarian. The Eastern Eye good for curry in amazing surroundings. King William or Garrick pubs are great for British style cooking with an okay list. Bill's is good for kids and okay for grown ups. Green Bird Cafe is excellent for breakfast.
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  5. Or try Henry's at the back of the Assembly Rooms.
  6. I always used to enjoy Woods restaurant, although I haven't been for a few years.

    I visited the smaller branch of Corkage on Walcot street and had a very decent meal recently (small plates). The owner is quite knowledgeable about wine but unfortunately our waiter was not up to speed on the range (which is a problem without a written list!)

    If you fancy a pint or two, I would recommend The Pultney Arms as a good friend of mine is the landlord (disclaimer - obvious personal interest in my friends business doing well, although I have no commercial link).
  7. Thank you all for the recommendations. I knew this forum wouldn't disappoint!
  8. How about The Pig? about 15m SW of Bath but lovely.
  9. That's just round the back of my house. Go there to watch the football when it's on BT. Usually full of Rugger buggers.
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  10. But do they do, you know, ahem... Do they let you bring your own wine? :p
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  11. Foolish boy! I couldn't possibly divulge that information......
  12. I too will be heading to Bath. As food already is being covered, could I ask about hotel recommendations?

  13. The Halcyon is a pretty decent hotel. Very central too.
  14. I have stayed at Dukes Hotel on Great Pultney Street twice (once was for our wedding) and would recommend it highly. Chris and Carole are very welcoming and give great customer service. Quite traditional in styling, good breakfast!
  15. Thank you. Hadn't considered an apartment, but this looks quite nice. But no parking and no air conditioning (although, not sure it would be needed).
  16. Thank you. Was actually shying away from B&B's, my primary concern being privacy and a general distaste for communal meals, but this one looks very nice. Do you know if they provide on premises parking?
  17. “Come into my parlour” said the spider to the fly!

    Not quite sure if that’s would be life affirming, life enhancing, life threatening, or life shortening as an experience. My money would be placed towards the latter end of that particular spectrum....
  18. Yep, they have parking permits for on street parking (parking can be quite difficult in Bath) - worth reserving when you book as they have a limited number.

    Seperate tables for breakfast and they have a bar (essentially on request) but no restaurant.
  19. You have money? Bring it to Bath - we welcome most types.....
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  20. No 15 on Great Pultney St is supposed to be pretty good. Not so sure about their restaurant but very nice bedrooms. The Queensberry Hotel was good when we stayed there 5 years ago and as a bonus it has The Olive Tree restaurant below which can be very good.
  21. I've found the food and wine at Chez Nigel to be excellent.
    BYO can be negotiated.
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  22. Thank you Mr Queley. We seem to have lost your latest booking details. When may we expect you?
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