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  1. Just had an email from BBR on the above - has anyone purchased one before? If so, do they tend to have a good variety of regions/styles and are they worth it?
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  2. Wine is too important to start playing Russian Roulette. I trust BBR highly , but why hand over a cheque not knowing the margin ?
  3. Yes I received this also, in a way I like the idea, however David has a point about playing Russian Roulette!!
    Has anyone got an inkling as to the rest of the contents?
  4. Not done it with BBR but I've never been happy with any of the few mystery bin-end cases I've bought.

    Tiny notional savings on stock that hasn't shifted quite a bit of which needs drinking up or is sur-maturitie, has been my experience.
  5. Mostly Californian Zin then? :)
  6. I do agree, i think they accumulate a mixed case of individual bottles that they have had for a while and can't seem to be able to shift. Don't get me wrong it could be fun discovering what there is however for the price they are asking i would rather spend that money on my own choice of wine.
  7. Agreed but I did enjoy the WSO Burgundy ones for a while albeit a fair few '04's I recall!
  8. Thanks for the responses guys
  9. Which are not, I would hazard, looking anything like the raw deal they may once have seemed.
  10. Anyone who has been watching their recent sales can see there is plenty of stuff that doesn't shift. Which is, as I have myself discovered to my advantage, in some cases because the majority of their customers are alarmingly conservative and don't share their evident taste for a little of the wild side, but caveat and all that...
  11. Don't know about the BBR ones, but I agree with the warnings of others.

    In the distant past I've occasionally had similar cases from elsewhere. I can't say any ever felt like bargains, although there were occasionally some very nice wines. But there's the other problem with these mystery cases: even if you do find one wine you really like in the case, you can't really order any more, as they're dumping what they've still got in these cases.
  12. If the stock was in so much demand, they wouldn't have any left to sell, I'm cynically aligned with others on this thread: it is a useful way to offload unwanted stock.
  13. Yes of course but its then dependent on the discount - which should be large and enticing!
  14. I notice this {edit: insert: BBR inititative} hasn't appeared in the 'competitive offers from retailers' thread!
  15. Absolutely spot on Andrew.

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