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  1. Today I received my Beefer One Pro. A steak ready in 2min with 800 C or 1500°F. With this hellfire I will have a perfect crust, as the fat caramelize. Watch the video:

    Beefer: Beefer – 800 Degrees | The Original – Made in Germany – Beefer Store Great Britain

    Of course Made in Germany.

    Unboxing Video in German:

    Save water, drink wine

    Note: I am not related to this company and I also won't get money from them writing about their product. I just thought some Foodies will maybe find this product interesting.
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  2. I've seen them referred to but it occurs to me the space and the investment is only worth it for those who cook a lot of steak. My new discovery is that when using superheated cast iron one should cover the pan while cooking the steak.Obvious once one thinks of it, the cooking time is calculated in seconds rather than minutes, the steak cooking more quickly because of retained surrounding heat and the smoke is contained rather than filling the house and setting off smoke alarms.
  3. Where does the smoke go when you lift the lid Tom? Does the fat catch fire with the sudden inrush of oxygen?

    Accidentally superheated a cast iron pan on the BBQ this year and scared myself nearly to death. I will be resuming my acquaintance with WIMPS next month.....
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  4. It just goes into the extractor. No extra fat is necessary so there shouldn't be much to catch fire, but I wasn't advocating a hermetic seal even if it were practical. And probably not the kind of superheating obtainable on your monster barbecue!
  5. So you were permitting some smoke to leak out, expertly controlled so as not to set off the smoke alarm?
  6. Covering the pan with what?
  7. A lid of appropriate size!
    It's quite straightforward,no expert control required. One of course has to remove the lid to turn the steak.
  8. I read that the technology in the Beefer is also used by many big restaurants in USA.
  9. The real question is just how much char one wants. I would submit that it can easily be excessive.
  10. BTW, its not all about meat. You can also use it for fish&seafood&vegetables&burger

    Here some examples:

    Salmon filet is ready in 15-20sec

    Pineapple with frozen Pina Colada streusel

    Portobello with spinach and cheese

    Dorade. But you have to flip the fish several times.


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