Best Wine Pairing For Moussaka? and why would it compliment it?

I am doing research on some Wine Food Pairings.

What would be the best Wine Pairing for Moussaka and why would it compliment it or go well with the dish?

One i have in mind already is an Agiorgitiko but not sure how it would compliment the Moussaka.

I am also new to the Wine scene so am slowley learning.
Welcome Rebecca.

As it happens I ate Moussaka at a Middle-Eastern restaurant a few days ago, where we accompanied it with a Syrah from the Lebanese producer, Domaine Wardy, which was a very satisfactory combination.
I think an Agiorgitiko would be ideal. I have found examples quite similar to Chateau Musar, a personal favourite.
But it’s a very wine-friendly dish and would go with most reds - and a surprisingly high number of whites.
For a more mainstream wine, I've always felt mid weight, central-ish Italian reds go well with Moussaka e.g. Sangiovese or Montepulciano based wines, and not too oaky. These have enough body and fruit to match the savouriness of the meat and spices, but sufficient fresh acidity to cope with the tomatoes.
I’m afraid there is only one wine which really matches with aubergine which is of course Alsace Pinot Gris.

The one exception being Szechuan Sea Spicy Aubegine for which the only proper accompaniment is Tsing Tao.:p