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Discussion in 'UK Wine Forum' started by Mark Hardy, Jan 27, 2018.

  1. Hi everyone,
    I wondered if anyone knew what was going on with the website ? It been under maintenance and not allowing new listings since before Christmas. That seems like a very long time. I wondered if there was an underlaying problem or if it’s undergoing a major refresh ?

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  2. Suspect it's closely related to major issues at the (now) parent company Stanley Gibbons all of which are a matter of record.
  3. Hi Nigel, George,
    Thnaks for the information. I hope they continue with the site.
  4. Did SG retain BfW when it sold Dreweatts last year?
  5. Believe so, yes.
  6. It's back open for business saying...

    "We are delighted to inform you that Bid for Wine is under new ownership and is again open for both vendors and buyers. Over the coming months we will be making a number of significant improvements to the site and look forward to keeping you updated."

    I wonder who bought it??!!
  7. A little research will point you in the direction of Forum Auctions.
  8. Not that long since last time being sold!
  9. Makes perfect sense - Stephan (who heads up Forum Auctions) was the driving force at Dreweatts end when they did the deal with us in 2015.
  10. That’s good news. Glad to see it back and live again.
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  11. Just had an email from Bid for Wine. It seems that Richard Brierley, who some may remember as being accused of colluding with the sale at auction (including the infamous Vanquish auction in 2012) of Rudy Kurniawan's special bottlings, is involved with the new venture.

    Lots of related material online, here's one: Spectrum and Vanquish withdraw DRC lots from auction - Decanter
  12. Yes I shall pass on this. So many other fine wine auction platforms nowadays .
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  13. More background on the lawsuit involving Kurniawan and Brierley here.
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  14. And apparently he is on this forum :rolleyes:

    Berry Bros. homage to Chinese New Year

    I am not sure which one I would like to sit in the same table more in forum offline, an auction site co-owner with a controversial record of wine auction, or a non scientist 'master of wine' who has a quite uncommon manner to discuss 'science' ideas.

    I think I will stick with a extremely diversely political opinionated table. ;)
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  15. Hard to say for definite as the poster in that thread has hidden their profile (I didn't realise this was an option ubtil just now!)
  16. I'd like to hide my profile, but its bloody hard with this giant nose I possess.
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  17. If anyone who is still using Bid For Wine has had problems with buyers following through on purchases (ie paying!) then I would be interested in hearing from them.

  18. I avoid the place, nowadays.
  19. You only send your wine when you get the money from the buyer don't you.
    I had one guy postponded his payment for weeks (because he couldn't decide if he can or wants to collect in person when he travelled to London, blah blah), but I was not in hurry either.
  20. Whilst that's true Po-yu, despite chasing I have heard nothing from the buyer to explain the (now 4 week) delay and frankly have better things to do with my time. Plus I am not getting much out of BFW (other than their invoice, of course!) and thus don't have a sense of how these things are usually resolved.
  21. Have you made a phone call to see what's the policy? I think after certain days (I think 30, I can't find it in the terms and conditions but that's usually the case in most of sites) you can claim that the buyer fails to fit the payment requirement therefore BFW should cancel the sale.
  22. No feedback for buyers is a flaw in the platform that's never been fixed.
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  23. Yes, I have left voicemail and sent emails as well as, like you, checking the T&Cs.
  24. I have had problems in the past with Bid for Wine, in that I have been the successful bidder and sent the vendor messages that they have never received. I don't think I was the only person with this problem and I think it was something to do with Bid for Wine's server. Perhaps that's happening again?

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