Bordeaux 2017 En Primeur

Discussion in 'UK Wine Forum' started by Scott Mitchell, Apr 4, 2018.

  1. As the season is almost upon us someone has to start the thread!

    Sounds like the classed growths have escaped frost damage Others not so lucky. Was just reading, for example, Angludet have produced no wine.

    It will be interesting to see what the quality and more importantly the prices of what wine there was produced will be like.
  2. 2016 was the best vintage since 2010, right? How does 2017 stack up?
  3. Not up to '15 and '16 Johnny but for the best wines - classed growths near the Gironde for a left bank generalisation - it may be a decent vintage.

    It might be one to be a selective buyer as prices may even drop compared to last year (they're coming to take me away aha).

    Some interesting reports starting to appear if you google it.
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  4. Hi,

    I'll be doing the circus and in fact am starting tomorrow with the AOC Graves. The great growths is next week. Grueling, but fun too.
    I was asked to translate the vintage report for the Faculté d'Œnologie, but am not sure I can post here because there are images and graphs.

    Only a brave man would make any prédictions about pricing. While, for some time now, vintage reputations are made far too early, and 2017's is not stellar, it should be kept in mind that only half a normal crop was produced overall in Bordeaux. This will surely have an effect.
    I saw huge tracts of vineyards decimated in May 2017 in Saint-Emilion.

    As is not so rare, what was a variable vintage for the red wines was a very good year in Sauternes.

    All the best,
    Alex R.
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  5. How about a brave woman?

    I was quoting Veronique Sanders from a recent article in WSPro 'Prices will decrease for 2017..... it's not a vintage with the potential of '15 or '16'.

    I'll take that bet ;)
  6. Good article on winesearcher. Prices predicted to fall.
    Comes down to how much will the Chateaux release, surely they can’tt play atlas again this year, releasing so little and trying to create A false market with high prices.

    The market will continue to see so many secondary releases. e.g. Pichon Baron 2011 recently

    As a consumer, will have little interest for me. Probably only 3 or 4 purchases. Interest lays in back vintages unless you can be sure of living beyond 80
  7. If prices are circa 2014 I might get a few.

    Not holding my breath though...
  8. Frost damage seems rather variable. Talking to Max Sichel I gathered that while Angludet suffered greatly, other chateaux very close by were very little affected, dependent on their microclimate.
  9. Did read the Liv Ex article and many are saying that prices should be up to 20% cheaper to avoid getting stuck with them. They also said this may well not be what happens.
    Seems to be thoughts that it’s a 2014 type vintage. Good but not a 15 or 16.
    There might be the odd one that looks decent value I may get but let’s see.
  10. And on the back of my last post I see we’ve had the first scores and the first release.
    That really has crept up on me quickly. Was it really a year ago I was buying the 16s.?

    And so much for the big price drop.

    First release today is 4% up and 11.5 % on sterling. Hopefully some of them have better pricing or they can keep them.
    Like liv ex say if your buying Guiraud the 2009 looks good.

    “This year’s Guiraud is entering the market as the second most expensive of vintages. Buyers looking for value may consider the 2009 vintage. It has several years in bottle, 96-points from Neal Martin and is available at a 16% discount to today’s release.”
  11. Well if they follow the recent Burgundy business model prices will increase by 20%.
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  12. I have read stories of cofermentation to ensure tanks were filled, so I think tasting is going to be essential. Market appetite must be remarkably low - I know USA buyers are very wary of the strength of the Euro right now.
  13. I thought burgundy was following the bordelaise ?
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  14. As Black Adder once said "seen it, pinched it, spent it", that is to say Burgundy has taken the BDX model and taken it to a whole new level.
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  15. Can never have enough Blackadder quotes!
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  16. From what I've read today it might be somewhere between 2008 and 2014 in quality.
  17. :D

    "And the same goes for the two farthings Baldrick thinks he's got hidden inside that mouldy potato"
  18. Bored-eaux... Based on most stuff I've drunk recently. I just don't see the value.
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  19. Have to be circa 2004 to tempt me :)
  20. I see Palmer is first out of the blocks with prices pitched between '14 and '15 meaning about a 20% reduction.

    Palmer 1160ib and Alter Ego 291ib (6 packs)

    Quick price check and I think my money would be going to the '99 or '96 both priced same or less!
  21. Yes, Palmer 2017 is such an easy pass.
  22. The 99 and 96 are brilliant The 2017 lowest price offered so far is £2150. Doubt if it will be as good as either of the 90 vintages . However the 2017 price is £300 less than the current 99 . Think it is a pass but be interested to see what Neal and others think of the wine
  23. I see that I am slow to the "WTF is Palmer thinking?" comments. Many older/ready vintages significantly cheaper, but also it's only Palmer for heavens sake, perfectly pleasant, but so un-exciting: >200 pounds for a bottle of wine that will not be ready for 10 years or more, and when it is will be positively soporific. Are there really that many people with so little imagination out there?

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