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  1. Superb. Go.
  2. Best meal I’ve had in a several years. Very assured 2* and hard to see how it’s not worthy of 3*. The lovely room helps, but service was assured and friendly, and the food top notch in a more classically French style than previous post-Ludlow Bosi.

    Off the alc, I had scallops parisienne, lobster with a Singapore sauce and then cep vacherin for pudding. All exquisite to the eye and the palate.

    Only slight surprise was what seemed to be a fairly limited wine list that lacked the breadth and depth of some, but a Peters Chetillon 08 from Burgundy Zalto did the job nicely.

    The website is a bit lacking in info/pictures, and I didn’t take any, but of the London equivalents, the style is along the lines of Ducase or Ramsey RHR with more of a Ledbury atmosphere. They do a lunch menu Gavroche-style with half a bottle of wine.
  3. I like the simplicity and the firmness of the first post. :D
  4. I must go soon to the new incarnation. I always thought it the most beautiful dining room in London and lunches when it was new remain among my fondest memories.
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  5. First visit was great, despite somm. Second visit less stellar but still worthwhile.
  6. The room was always an uplifting space for a long boozy lunch.
  7. I shall pitch this to Karen as our next new dining expedition.
  8. Part of me really wants to try this place - I love the look of some of the traditional dishes, like the tripe gratin, and the dining room does look stunning.

    But another part of me still remembers the meal we had at Hibiscus around a year before it closed, which was just weird. Asparagus cheesecake for dessert was one of the least pleasant dishes I can recall eating.
  9. A repeat visit for lunch yesterday didn't disappoint — excellent, as previously. Must be some of the most visually stunning and meticulously presented restaurant food anywhere. Tastes good too :)
  10. A timely reminder.
  11. Just booked in for dinner on Saturday. Any well priced wines on the list?
  12. You are dining out with rigour this week, Simon.
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  13. Indeed, a good run. I fear bread and water may be required for a few days!
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  14. A relatively short list, Gareth. Quite a few quirky natural numbers. Some painfully punitively priced prize bottles.

    There were some affordable white burgs if one doesn’t get too ambitious with appellation. Also a reasonable selection of by the glass options.

    Drink modestly, and enjoy the meal :)
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  15. Tom Cannavan

    Tom Cannavan Administrator

    Always remember passing Bibendum one late afternoon after a fine lunch at Tom Aitken, just as Stephen Fry emerged, absolutely drunk as a skunk, and walked straight out into the middle of the road to hail a cab with his rolled umbrella held aloft, causing traffic from both directions to screech to a halt. He carried it off with great aplomb.
  16. I drank a De Moor Aligote, was delicious and fairly priced.

    A good option for Sunday nights, there are not many.
  17. Just got the wine list. They do have a good selection by the glass which seems the way to go, including some delicious Croatian Merlot that I've had before which is grand.
  18. Last time I visited Bibendum the chips were soggy but we drank 1957 Rayas blanc ...
  19. I’ll try and keep the standards high then.
  20. Cheaper just to avoid the chips.
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  21. Seems that they’ve stopped the lunch menu ?
  22. No, a lunch menu still operates, with one of the options being the carvery trolley. On Saturday it appeared to be pork and looked as if it had stayed quite moist, with crackling strips served separately. On our January visit it was venison, but the first few to choose that option appeared to get some very cooked-through meat. It looked as if it had got a bit pinker by mid-service, but it seemed a bit of a gamble regarding type of animal and timiming of service verses degree of cooking. Whilst it’s probably done well for what it is, I can’t help feeling that the carvery trolley rather defeats the point of going to that sort of restaurant. I think there was at least one other option on the lunch menu.
  23. Trolleys are certainly dated but there's no reason why they can't offer something delicious if either it is restricted to cuts that are at their best cooked beyond rare or the carver is skilled enough to offer each diner the cuisson of their choice. I remember some wonderful roast beef in the old days. Beef is better roasted in very large pieces indeed, which most of us can't emulate at home.
  24. Not what they said Simon when calling them this week. Only ‘a la carte’ was offered and told categorically that the set lunch with wine has stopped.

    Will call again !!
  25. Strange! Maybe it’s just a shorter lunch menu sans vin.

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