Travel Cairo - any recommendations restaurant-wise?

I don't think I ate anything particularly tasty in Cairo, but I enjoyed the old town ("Islamic Cairo") much more than the pyramids. There are several mosques each the size of a cathedral, city walls, markets, places to drink coffee/mint tea and smoke shisha... really great.
Nothing, they were 'fine', but not hugely exciting - and quite a bit of hard sell hassle there, too. For ancient stuff I much preferred the things I saw in Luxor.
Just bumping in case anyone with knowledge to share re. Cairo eating missed this first time round. We're heading out in a week or so.
You absolutely must go to the national museum and see the Tutankhamun section. It is one of the great cultural experiences in the world. Pick one of the guides that pester you at the entrance: an older one, and let them know what you want in terms of time and how much commentary…

I went there a lot a few years ago, but honestly the restaurants were ok but never great. Lebanese are probably your best bet. Be careful about cleanliness and water, it a sickly city…
The food scene in Cairo has thankfully improved lately, although the city is improbably even more chaotic and congested than before.

First choice would be the Najib Mahfouz cafe in Khan Al Khalili market. High quality Arabic food and juices also cocktails though I didn't try). The cafe part in the front is lively with excellent Arabic musicians playing. But there is an anteroom with a proper restaurant that is quiet. Consider booking.

Otherwise Ma'adi district has quite a few food choices. Tawlat Yvonne ("Yvonne's Table") is liked by well heeled locals for it's Lebanese food.

I also liked a fish restaurant in the same district on the river front called Fish Market. Not flashy but a wide variety of fresh seafood (you pick the fish yourself) and it's accompanied by very generous mezze plates to start. Paid about $20 USD a head for the whole meal. Alas don't expect any Muscadet or Burgundy Chardonnay with that seabass!