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  1. Off to the Northern coast of France soon primarily for lunch and food shopping.

    Used to love the days when you could buy good 2nd wines such as Reserve de comtesse and Tourelles de Longueville from Hypermarkets for what now seems like peanusts. Also Perdel was a favourite for better wines too. Sadly gone.

    Any current recommenndations welcome, thanks.

    Also lunch. The trip to De Panne for the Fox 2 mich star is worth the Journey and we like Aquer'Aile close to calais for the views.
  2. David - I think there was a recent thread on this started by Jim Agar. Worth looking there first.
  3. Indeed - here's a link to it -
    Food - Lunch near Calais.

    Here's another one that covers places to buy wine -
    Buying Wine in Boulogne-Sur-Mer
    (albeit more centred on Boulogne). Les Halles de Quercamps is inland a bit and well worth the trip.

    If you are prepared to travel up to de Panne, then the two-starred La Grenouilliere just outside Montreuil is probably worth your consideration. It depends on your preferred style of restaurant cuisine.

    Good luck and don't forget to report back!
  4. Didn't know of
    De Panne as we tend to head off west from Calais. Definitely on the radar for next time although their website isn't great and can't find a wine list online.
    We used to go to the Grenouilliere many times in its old coaching inn iteration but one visit since its rebranding was enough for me. Test tubes of sea water and bales of burning hay at every other table aren't for me. This is maybe 8 years ago so things may have throttled back on the wannabe Blumenthal elements now. Very fond memories of the food previously and a magnum of Trimbach CFE 1997 stands out from a lovely list too.
  5. Many Thanks for feedback thus far.

    I had a recent disappointing experience at Le Channel, and the wine list is inferior to that of Aquer'Aile. The latter has 1st Growth Bordeaux ( pricing seemed reasonable ) and was generally a more intersting list, food was excellent and the views superb.
  6. I was massively disappointed with the wine lists in all the places I visited so keen to try Auquer as well as Fox- what's the list like there David?
  7. That's a real shame David, the experience has always been greater than the absolute quality of the food but the wine list has always had more than a few gems on every visit I've been.

    Food wise I rarely venture beyond the Fruits de Mer and Baby Turbot followed by cheese and a stab at the Dessert Chariot.

    I guess at some point the older well priced wines cannot be replaced but alongside the older Burgundy, whole page of Raveneau and Dauvissat etc. there was always some interesting off vintage Bdx at keen prices.
  8. Jim I jave not been to the fox for some time, so would not venture any suggestion. Would love to hear if you do go.

    Probably deserves a whole new thread but the best value wines i ahve had this year have been in 3 star restaurants in Burgundy. Indeed a 2010 Coche villages we had for €180 was on a list in a Parisone star restro for €400 (which probably would be £700 in London !!)

    Alex , I certainly dont recall names of that standing and am beginning to doubt myself now or wonder if there are/were two lists ?
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  9. Yes David!

    A short one page list of little interest and then a big tome.
  10. Thread resurrection

    Just back from a brief trip to the region.

    Les Halles de Quercamps still going strong, and the staff very friendly and helpful. A shame the list isn't online, but there is so much there, it would be a challenge to keep up with it. Temperature seemed cooler than our last visit (end of May 2012), and on a warm/hot day it was lovely and cool inside. Plenty of mature/semi mature wine there and lovely to have a range of vintages available for a few of the wines. Difficult to find fault, though minor improvements could be made by maintaining an online list and although there was a decent corner shelf of half bottles, on the whole they were of the cheaper wines.

    We also popped into Vins Plus (aka Franglais wine). Quite a way off Les Halles de Quercamps for wine geek interest, being a little more in the style of Majestic, yet streets ahead of the latter in having wines of interest and also friendly / helpful, though there were only five other customers there in the time we were in the store. It served a purpose in having some Cabardes I wanted in both full and half bottles, plus some modestly priced Chinon to explore with. A decent beer selection, including a surprisingly wide range of party kegs of some very decent beers. Worth a browse of the list online to see if anything makes a detour worthwhile.

    However a mention in another thread about the Leclerc supermarket chain was useful to us, if rather playing down how good it was. We went to the one on the outskirts of Lumbres (Quercamps side of the town and not very far at all from Les Halles). On the scale of these things, the supermarket would probably rank as a small hypermarket, yet in areas the section was every bit as good as Les Halles - notably the Bordeaux section which had IIRC 3 vintages of Ch Nenin, VCC, plus about a 15-18 other good Pomerols, including mags of 2012 La Croix du Casse for what felt like a very modest c. 36 euro. Back vintages to be had here as well in a number of the wines. Combine the flagship stores of all our UK supermarket chains and they wouldn't beat this 'backwater' French hypermarket.

    For those wanting something other than wine, but not wanting to stray too far from the above, Foret de Tourneham made for a couple of very pleasing walks, with few other people taking advantage of some very mature woodland - even on a friday evening. It's about 5km from Quercamps (IIRC)

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