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  1. Had a bottle the other night that is almost certainly my white of the year so far (only competition Can Rafols dels Caus' Pairal). The bottle was Stéphane Cossais' Montlouis Le Volagré 2005. As M. Cossais is sadly no more, and the wine doesn't appear to be available anywhere, I was wondering if anyone knows a producer with a similar style. I loved the perfume, complexity and fruit in this wine, which also seemed incredibly youthful. Indeed it seems to be to be the antithesis of most Loire Chenin I've had (all hay and wet wool and - in the case of Savennieres - too much alcohol and oxidation).

    Any suggestions?
  2. A Montlouis called Premier Rendezvous I’ve had in the past resembles your impressions but I can’t remember the producer Mark.
    PS- certainly not a Loire expert though!
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  3. Pinon’s Vouvrays should fit the bill, as they tend to be more on the floral side. He isn’t afraid to keep a little residual sugar in them, but there is always good acidity so they stay well-balanced.
  4. Thanks, guys. Guess I am having difficulty believing there could be another Loire Chenin as good as this. The Huets I've had haven't held a candle to it.
  5. Domaine Jousset BTW for the Montlouis above.
  6. Ever has an old Baumard Papillon Mark? 1990 is currently a huge treat.
  7. I'm no Loire expert but am very pleased to have come across something I've never seen before, a couple of bottles of a Jo Landron 'Atmosphere' Methode Traditionelle, a Loire sparkling made from 80% folle blanche and 20% pinot noir. It is a non-vintage so I have no idea how old it is or how long it has been on the shelf. Probably something I should drink soon enough.
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  8. I've generally been very disappointed with Savennieres, Jon - to the point where I don't buy it anymore. Certainly never found one with anything like the fruit complexity and complete absence of oxidation that this one had!
  9. Have you tried Chidaine's wines?
  10. No, never come across them, despite ages of having them on my list! No one I buy from seems to have them.
  11. Genesis often has them reduced in their sales - they are very much towards the fruity rather than doggy end of the spectrum.
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  12. Jaky Blot? (Taille de Loups)
  13. Yes, I do know Jacky Blot, as my Dad has brought them back from France. He's a cheapskate though, so I've never got to try the better stuff :(
  14. Hence my question/suggestion about old Baumard. His wines are pretty much sui generis in Savennieres (one reason why some of the other growers deplore his wines!).

    I am generally disappointed with most of what comes out of so many appellations in France!
  15. I have had a couple of oldish Baumards, and enjoyed them, but for me not as vibrant as this little baby!
  16. Savennières is unreliable. Bar Pierre-Bise.
  17. I've liked other P-B wines more than the Clos de Coulaine - eg La Garde and Haut de la Garde.
  18. P-B are not without their issues in my experience.
  19. I did find the Volagré, btw, on a US site. But naturally at €59 plus shipping (and good TWS bin ends), it wasn't hard to pass.

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