Carruades de Lafite 2009

Discussion in 'UK Wine Forum' started by Dominic Sheppard, Jun 28, 2018.

  1. Spotted in a French supermarket for 64 euros a bottle.

    Am I right in thinking I should fill my boots?
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  2. Crikey, never tasted this, but sounds like a yes!
  3. Yes. Then sell them.
  4. Back up your truck and load up. Right click lift the whole book. Wrong price.

    Ps where is it ?

    Pps are you sure it isn’t some Chinese derivative ?
  5. If I was in your shoes Dom I would buy as many as possible subject to whatever constraints you have on the supermarket’s stock and your transport arrangements, and keep half of them and sell half of them, so you can drink what is a great wine - and a Lafite - for free. Carruades is usually viewed as one of the most overpriced wines but €64 for this is a steal.
  6. How refreshing. I would say that this is the first time for 20 years or more that Carruades has not been grossly overpriced. Still seriously overpriced, however, at €64 a bottle:).
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  7. Thanks for the advice! It was at a Carrefour but I think it was a mistake - the bottles didn't scan at the checkout but they put them through at 64 euros and the receipt just said 'Vins Regionaux'.

    They only had 6 in stock so I took them all.
  8. Well what an absolute result. Current market price around £240 per bottle plus tax.

    I’ll watch for the Vin Exchange post
    Very nice holiday find.
  9. Happened to me a few years back, came across a pair of 2000 in a corner shop in Switzerland priced at chf 45 apiece, quick sale to a broker for onward destination eastwards at 275 each. Not had such luck before or since... I sincerely hope they were mixed with cola or something...
  10. bargains. On my last family holiday to Nagasaki, I managed to pick up 6 bottles of ‘13 Comte Liger Belair at 1/3 of the markets prices from this tiny wine shop. Opened two bottles so far, good wines at great prices.
  11. Many of us find bargains like this, whether on clearance or by mistake. Howevrer, once upon a time I posted a find on an Australian wine forum and was promptly accused of theft. This despite the fact that the wine was in the clearance section and the lower price rang through on the tiil. According to some posters on the forum I was cheating the retailer and should have either informed the staff or refused the purchase. Some went so far as to encourtage me to return the bottle for the sake of my soul and any eternal rewards.

    Since then I tend to keep my best bargains a secret.
  12. I would have referred The Forum to the legal term of "invitation to treat". You are definately not in the wrong so to speak.
  13. Mahmoud, that is probably 99% jealousy, and 1% genuine moral indignation.
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  14. Pharmaceutical Company of GB vs. Boots 1953.
    Hey, my banking exams weren’t a waste of time, after all.
  15. My father is rather more of the cheap and cheerful wine buyer than me and buys cheap Bordeaux on offer in French supermarkets.

    A few years back I was shocked to find a wooden case of Chateau Taillefer Pomerol 2003 in their house in France . It turned out to have been a pricing error in the local Leclerc where he had bought a case for 28 euros rather than the 28 Euros a bottle that had been intended !
  16. Early in my wine buying days, maybe 12-15 years ago, I ordered a case of half priced Pommard (I forget the producer but think it was a Rugiens) in an online sale for £10 a bottle. The merchant accidentally sent two cases, and as I was out when they delivered I didn’t have the opportunity there and then to correct the error. Getting in touch after the event seemed a faff, so I didn’t bother. I’ve searched ever since for £5 village Burgundy. To no avail.
  17. I don't really see how "getting in touch after the event seemed a faff". Surely a phone call, even just leaving a message, would have offered the merchant chance to correct the mistake. I've had this happen several times in the last 15 or so years and have always contacted the merchant, only one one occasion did they say to keep the wine and not to worry. Sorry Vincent but this seems dishonest.
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  18. I once bought some Javillier Bourgogne from L and W in a sale and they sent me Meursault by mistake . I rang them up and they collected it and then sent the Bourgogne late - and with rather bad grace and no sign of a thank you . If you receive something you have not paid for you clearly should tell the sender.

    Yapp Bros on the other hand sent me the same wine three times although I had only ordered one case of six - they collected case No2 and then sent another . Most impressively, they said as it had caused inconvenience I could keep the third case .
  19. Vincent, you should have called, because at that price they might have told you to keep the extra case. A long time ago, in Sydney, I ordered a couple of cases of discounted South African wines and only received one case. I called the retailer and was told the second case was likely on its way. Well I did receive the second case, in fact two of them. I called the retailer to explain what happened and they told me to keep the third case.

    Cheers .............. Mahmoud.

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