Champagne 2010 - whats the view?

Discussion in 'UK Wine Forum' started by Stephen Pickles, Aug 7, 2018.

  1. Specifically Pierre Peters, Les Chetillons 2010. Anyone tried this??
  2. I personally haven't tasted enough 2010 vintages, only several 2010 base NV, mostly quite unimpressive. Not suprisingly so though. I got a Krug edition 166, needs to find a occasion to taste how it's like.
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  3. Can’t specifically comment on this wine. I own it but wouldn’t dream of opening it for at least another five years.

    In general the wines are a little more forward and can tend to dryness due to rot in the vineyards. IIRC it was a humid and variable year. General consensus is “not for the long haul”.
  4. Your last comment explains the “five years” comment, Mark, because I’d usually still consider that extremely young for Chetillons. It’s one of my very favourite Champagnes.

    Sometimes your have to trust the “producer not vintage” rule, and I’d certainly apply that in this case. I wonder how many of us can judge a young Chetillons? One or two, but I’d not count myself there, knowing what they taste like if opened too young.

    That said, sad to see some people think Comtes below par in 07. Usually reliable, as I thought the 05?
  5. I might be amongst a couple here who could judge a young Chetillons David, having tasted the vast majority of these young since the ‘96 vintage and tasted many of them through the phases to maturity. Ironically, I didn’t taste the 2010 young.

    As regards my five years comment I did say “at least five years”..... I might be tempted to try one at about that time given the nature of the vintage, but I wouldn’t expect it to be ready, I’d merely be getting a marker.

    Currently mature vintages would be 96, 97, 98 (just about), 99 and 00. 01 might have seen better days, but I didn’t buy it having tasted it young. It was good for the vintage, but small scaled even by comparison with the 00.
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  6. The 'emptiness' of 07 on the palate was shocking. I have only tried once but apparently our reliable forumite Simon Grant has tasted it several times and described this wine precisely how we felt.
    Though champagne sometimes is a bit magical (well, all fine wine can be magical) and one can't exclude the possibility that a wine will show totally differently after ageing, I just doubt how nice this wine could ever go when there's so little 'substance' you can taste at the moment.

    In the contrast, the comtes 05 was lovely. A bit less acidity than some people might want but it's at a very enjoyable stage.
  7. 01 is doing just fine.
  8. Had the 07 comtes at crayeres on saturday night and it was superb.
  9. My Sunday night glass at Crayeres was the best of the three, only slightly hollow. The water was appalling though — a detergent residue in the glass made the entire bottle taste like a swimming pool.
  10. Thanks for the advice, a 6 pack of 2010 Chetillons is in storage (for a goodly while).

    Detergent tainted glasses really are the worst. A slightly OCD habit of mine is sniffing glasses in restaurants, sometimes I think we really do need a self help group here.:rolleyes:
  11. Mature?
  12. That’s what you get for drinking water. :cool:
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  13. Early. Though haven’t tried a bottle since last summer.
  14. Stephen,
    I often find that the swimming pool effect only exhibits itself once liquid is in the glass, if I have doubts I put mineral water in the glass rather than waste expensive wine.Recently at a pretty well rated establishment myself and fellow diners were left in the position of choosing the least bad glasses from which to drink(rather than delight in) a beautiful mature Climens.
    I am pretty sure I am beyond help on the topic of glasses.
  15. Me too on both the 6 pack of chetillons and the glasses. A 'dry sniff' is vital!
  16. The incidence of rot in the Chardonnays was quite low in 2010 (botrytis is more of a Pinot phenomena in Champagne, for example: 2005, 2010, and 2017).

    Interestingly ripeness / acidity ratio was very high in 2010, although it would be wrong to say that this is a total positive: the ripeness of the fruit is in contrast to the clunky greenness of the malic acid and many 2010's Chardonnays. The best 2010 Chardonnays (from the grand terroirs) are excellent, and so is the PP Chetillons respectively.
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  17. I’ll put my tasting back a couple more years then....
  18. Not OCD at all, Stephen. A friend of mine does it regularly, which reminds me to do it for a good while after. I need to see him more regularly as I sometimes forget.
  19. Hence some people put a tiny bit in the glass, swirl and sniff. In a restaurant it can be picked up when given some wine to taste for one’s own glass, but it doesn’t help the other diners.

    I prefer glasses at home to be washed soon after use, with just hotish water.
  20. And indeed mineral water can add its own demons to the bouquet, but agreed, certainly less than most tap water.
  21. I am probably a rude diner, but I sometimes put my nose in other people's glass (with their consent, of course)... In more than enough occasions the same wine in others' glass smell different....

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