NWR Cover songs that are better than the original

Some of the covers that Johnny Cash sang on his 'American' albums are, IMO, better than the originals - I'm thinking of 'Hurt', 'One' and 'The Mercy Seat' in particular.

And Jeff Buckley's 'Hallelujah', of course.
Also Johnny Cash covering The Beatles’ In My Life - totally brings out the meaning of the song when it is sung by an old man near the end of his life.
Waiting around to die - Be Good Tanyas over Townes Van Zandt (both decent mind)

I also like their version of House of the Rising Sun better than the animals, who I know didn’t do it originally, also the Bob Dylan version. Saying that I also like the slow Cat Power version so maybe it’s the song :)
Love Cat Powers Satisfaction if not maybe better than the original stones is a nice alternative.

Further Up The Road - Johnny Cash over Springsteen

Solitary Man (J Cash and even Chris Issack) Better than Neil Diamond who I always thought did the original but don’t know for sure.

Staying with Cash I think a number of his later career covers were really good. Hurt over NIN version stands out.
One I really like as well if maybe not better than U2 it’s a good take.

Mad World - Gary Jules.

Must be loads more. Just a few I like from a couple of artists.
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I can think of a few.
Avalanche - Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds version over Leonard Cohen's.
Twisted - Joni Mitchell over Lamberts, Hendricks & Ross' original.
Without You - Harry Nilsson over Badfinger.
Only After Dark - Human League Over Mick Ronson.
Wild Horses - Flying Burritos Bros over the Stones.