Duvel and Nitrogen

Discussion in 'The Beer Forum' started by David Thomas, Nov 4, 2017.

  1. I might have mentioned this before, but does Duvel now have nitrogen added? The head retention seems much more prolonged now, and the foam itself seems tighter than it used to be. Perhaps I'm wrong, but the carbonation seems a little different, too...and this gives the beer a different feel (affecting the flavour a little).
  2. I have not had the standard Duvel for quite some time. Whenever I have had it in the past I have always found it to have a large creamy head. I would have said that adding nitrogen to Belgian beers was an absurd idea as they already have high enough carbonation, but it appears that Orval now do this. See below:

    I am amazed by this. I have read other reports of visits to the monastery brewery but this has never been mentioned. Not sure I will ever drink Orval again.
  3. Yes, that's where I heard it mentioned. Anyway, I would have no hesitation in buying Orval if the opportunity arose. I might be mistaken about Duvel, but it did seem different. Who knows? But the head did seem much thicker, and lasted much longer than one would expect, and the beer had a softer feel to it...

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