El Segundo Bursted Single Hop Series: Nelson Sauvin (6%)

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  1. B9597300-1230-40D7-A71A-BF619900FAED.jpeg After just over 2-years of living in San Diego and having embraced the beer culture with some gusto, I can say with confidence that El Segundo Brewing Co. has become my favourite west coast brewing company. Originally unashamedly hop-forward, they have continued this passion while moving on to produce some of the best Barley Wines and Stouts I’ve ever had.

    The Bursted Single Hop series is following a theme that has become popular these days where a brewery turns out a series of IPAs using the same yeast and malt bill for each one, with just the hop changing each time.

    El Segundo then took the flavour profile one step further with the “Bursted” idea, which is (and I quote)...
    “Traditionally beers are bittered by adding relatively small amounts of hop at the beginning of the boil – this results in the firm bitterness that IPA fiends have come to love. A somewhat newer approach often referred to as “bursting” employs the technique of adding huge amounts of hops very late in the boil, or even after the kettle has been turned off. The large volume gives ample bitterness – and the added bonus of MASSIVE flavor components. This series is all about exploring what each hop adds to both the bitterness and the flavor of the beer when employed only in late additions with no early additions”.

    That said, this tasting was a 22oz bottle served in tulip glasses. Hopped with New Zealand Nelson Sauvin hops, this IPA was crisp and bright with lots of Gooseberry, green banana, light spiciness, accompanied with pungent grassiness. As with any NZ Hop, tropical fruit flavours were apparent but not overbearing. With medium bitterness and medium-bodied, it gave a perfect mouthfeel, which I’ve always found the case with El Segundo's IPA's. The finish was grassy, resiny and dry. A superbly balanced beer with no astringent flavors. A total delight.
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