TN Familiarity breeds contempt? Faustino I Rioja Gran Reserva 2012

I still have a bottle left of the 2001. Drank my way through 12 or more of them, very good. Should try this vintage as I’ve not revisited since.

Yes, as you will see in my review, a slightly perplexing wine based on my preconceptions and memories of bottles drunk decades ago, but I like it.
Saw that pop up in my Youtube recommendations, and thought, gosh not had that for years. Will now watch the video.

Frosted bottle and wire cage just scream "leave me on the shelf" to me.
I will definitely look out for this as, like Kevin, I still have some of the '01 in the cellar and it was a cracker at a very reasonable price. Isn't it odd that having had a great vintage of a wine at a reasonable price that I shouldn't dip my toe back in now and again but I haven't. Tom, your review really hit the nail on the head for me. Thanks
It was fully ready Simon, but as with most rioja, there's no hurry. I just don't think it will improve, but it should hold at this level for some time. With nearly a quarter of a century behind it, it's doing well, especially for the price.
As I recall, it was named WS’s wine of the year, but I think Sainsbury‘s had it on offer, so I thought it was worth a punt at £10.25, regardless.
Frosted bottle and wire cage just scream "leave me on the shelf" to me.
You would have thought but as others have said it can be a very decent drop at a very decent price. Have one bottle left of 12 1994's. Very good without being at the level of LRA or LDH. Last time I had one was a year ago and in no hurry to polish off my final bottle.
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